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The interplay between a direct viral pathologic process and a host immune-mediated pathologic process is probably unique to each person.
Concerning treatment, it is extremely important in hyperthermic patients to lower body temperature levels in the early hours, to positively influence the malignant evolution of this severe pathologic process.
Let us, therefore, consider and discuss this insidious yet not so subtle process as a distinct pathologic process and review the current thinking in regard to its treatment.
If numerous RBCs are present (except traumatic tap), it suggests a pathologic process.
No specific treatment is available to reverse the underlying pathologic process or to alter its clinical course.
present 749 high-resolution radiologic, cytopathologic, and histopathologic images arranged side-by-side for clinicians like cytopathologists, radiologists, and surgical pathologists who want to understand the radiographic correlates to cytopathologic diagnoses and how radiologic-cytopathologic correlation aids in accurate interpretation of a pathologic process.
Hemosiderosis is a pathologic process characterized by intracellular accumulation of iron without other evident lesions.
Keratosis can mask various epithelial changes, from simple hyperplasia to invasive squamous carcinoma; it is only a superficially visible manifestation of an underlying pathologic process.
Most premenopausal women have low peak bone mass that is genetically driven, and most do not have a pathologic process that requires pharmacotherapy just yet.
Some of these dark neurons were also albumin positive or showed cytoplasmic microvacuoles indicating an active pathologic process.
The chapters are organized by anatomic site and pathologic process and include all conditions of the heart and blood vessels that may be encountered in clinical practice, with chapters on iatrogenic pathology, coronary stents, bypass grafts, prosthetic valves, and the effects of cardiovascular interventions, along with discussion of the limitations and biases of various classification systems and how pathologists should use them in different diagnostic settings.
The initial underlying pathologic process in the lung from amiodarone toxicity is postulated to be a drug-induced phospholipidosis, (9) and the mechanism by which phospholipids accumulate in the cell is believed to be by inhibition of intracellular phospholipase when the drug and its metabolites are trapped in alveolar macrophages and type II pneumocyte lysosomes.
This disruption could be secondary to surgical or anesthetic trauma or a pathologic process such as erosion by disease.
These findings also support the potential for an underlying pathologic process in patients with cervical funneling," he said.
The pathologic process in bacterial supraglottitis is cellulitis of the epiglottis and the surrounding upper airway.