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Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the femoral head is a debilitating yet poorly understood pathologic process consequent to bone ischaemia, as the precarious circulation of the femoral head is compromised.
Ectopic thyroid tissue can undergo the same pathologic processes of a normal thyroid gland.
Finally, airway disease due to IBD must be differentiated from diseases that themselves are associated with IBD, and which have a prominent airway component as a part of their individual pathologic processes.
Sciatica is a common disease caused by intraspinal or extraspinal pathologic processes along the lumbar nerve roots and sciatic nerve (1).
Normal anatomy and variants, diagnostic considerations, and pathologic process pearls are included with information for each tomographic section.
In conclusion, once the pathologic process of preterm labor begins, progesterone is no longer effective," he said.
Much has been learned from statin therapy, but many questions still remain in regard to the pathologic process by which the plaque progresses to cause an acute event, and how to prevent it.
For a direct virus-mediated pathologic process, this hypothesis may be understandable, given the lower prevalence of preexisting (and therefore potentially partially protective) cross-reactive immunity for this novel virus (8-10).
Thus, using of ultrasound sonography (USS) of abdomen cavity in children with peritonitis for evaluation of pathologic process dissemination and intestinal paresis degree before and after operation has a big scientific and practical interest (Buyanov et.
We must be careful as physicians not to become part of the pathologic process by endless testing." He added that "'if FGID [diagnosis] can be made using Rome III criteria, no extensive labs are needed."
Rossi, the x-ray also showed some haziness, and a little bit of "white out" in the right lung, characterized as the "very early beginning of some kind of pathologic process in the alveoli." Michael's parents sued the hospital and an unnamed nurse alleging medical malpractice caused Michael's pulmonary hemorrhage, and severe brain damage, which made him dependent on his parents.
One patient demonstrated a Trendelenburg gait, and two patients were being monitored for a recurrence of the pathologic process. (4)
Since this process alters the structure and function of the valve and consequently shortens its lifespan and also as it is the major pathologic process necessitating bio-prosthetic valve re-operations, efforts to prevent formation of mineral deposits are active and many approaches, such as anti-mineralization treatment have been tried (3, 4).
Let us, therefore, consider and discuss this insidious yet not so subtle process as a distinct pathologic process and review the current thinking in regard to its treatment.
If numerous RBCs are present (except traumatic tap), it suggests a pathologic process. Malignancy, trauma, infarct, and hemorrhage are the major causes for bloody fluid.