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Synonyms for pathologic

caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology

of or relating to the practice of pathology


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If there are only clinical findings but no imaging findings, several diagnostic and treatment methods can be performed to detect the pathologic duct.
A simple logistic regression model was used to associate each of the risk factors to upgraded pathology on excision; the risk factors included age, location, additional pathologic findings, indication for biopsy, high-risk status (family history), and personal history.
The difficulty identifying these tumors accurately with imaging was rendered even more complex by the fact that the pathologic criteria for diagnosis were relatively subjective.
The co-primary endpoints of the study were risk difference and risk ratio of pathologic complete response in breast tissue and axillary lymph nodes, and the prespecified equivalence margins were +/-13% for RD and 0.759 to 1.318 for RR.
The probability that the patient with headache had a pathologic and normal EMG blink reflex was 58% and 42%, respectively.
A clinical or therapeutic consequence of the ink tattooing procedure was assumed when the tattoo was used during surgery to identify the pathologic lesion which had been marked previously.
Existing models and nomograms using preoperative or postoperative clinical and pathologic data provide risk estimates of recurrence.
Given the clinical and pathologic changes observed and poor knowledge of the parasite's New Zealand host and geographic distribution, further work is recommended for this and sympatric parrots, to understand relationships among the host, parasite, environment, and expression of disease.
The Eastern Asian Musculoskeletal Oncology Group reviewed the data from three large volume Asian orthopedic oncology centers to determine whether the presence of a pathologic fracture affected outcomes in osteosarcoma patients.
Lightfix clinical trial for the treatment of impending and pathologic fractures in the humerus due to metastatic carcinoma.
"Given that older women are at the greatest risk for pathologic abnormalities, electric power morcellation should be approached with caution in patients older than 50 years undergoing myomectomy," Dr.
"In a previous study, concurrent administration of trastuzumab with chemotherapy, including anthracyclines, demonstrated high pathologic complete response rates in breast cancer patients with HER-2-positive disease," Buzdar explains.
When a client presents with a pathologic lumbar disc, there is a divide in the world of manual and movement therapy: Do we treat the client with flexion or do we avoid flexion and instead treat the client with extension?