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the origination and development of a disease

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There is evidence that cell-mediated immunity might play a role in its pathogenesis. [11-13] There are distinctly different categories of polyps that occur in the nose and sinuses, the vast majority of which are related to allergies and asthma.
"We suspect that [microchimerism] has a role in juvenile dermatomyositis and now need to understand whether it has a role in pathogenesis," Rider says.
Designed to provide a substantial resource to the field, the volume contains thorough state of research coverage by leading specialists concerning the molecular biology, genomics and pathogenesis of retroviruses.
However, the pathogenesis of H5N1 disease in humans is more obscure.
This request for applications is intended to solicit applications to investigate components, molecular mechanisms, and signaling processes that are involved in and regulate the immune and inflammatory systems, and that are important in cardiovascular, pulmonary, or blood disease pathogenesis or maintaining healthy tissue in these systems.
Angina pectoris; etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment.
Neurotropism of the H5N1 virus in mice as part of the pathogenesis subsequent to infection by human influenza virus isolates has been reported (10).
Crohn's disease; etiology, pathogenesis & interventions.
Pathogenesis of dengue: challenges to molecular biology.
Human cancer viruses; principles of transformation and pathogenesis.
The editors are leaders primarily in the areas of molecular biology and pathogenesis, and the focus of much of the book is on these topics, although issues such as treatment, carriage, disease in persons with immunodeficiencies, antimicrobial resistance, and epidemiology are also well covered.
In six chapters, internationals experts review the latest research on this progressive incurable disease for which therapeutic options based on understanding of the disease's pathogenesis to date have proven disappointing.
The book's 10 chapters describe the biochemical and molecular features of prions and the normal prion protein, various laboratory methods for studying prions, and advances in the pathogenesis and immunology of prion diseases.
Bacterial infections are a leading cause of death around the world, and this textbook, part of the Methods in Molecular Biology Series from Humana Press, focuses on the pathogenesis of the most common types.
Bacterial Pathogenesis: A Molecular Approach, 4th Edition