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Synonyms for pathetically

in a manner arousing sympathy and compassion


References in classic literature ?
He shook hands with her and wished her good-morning: then, looking lovingly in her face, and still retaining her hand in his, murmured pathetically, 'The last - last day
He's got a wonderful memory, Pullet has," she continued, looking pathetically at her sister.
Pullet, holding her head on one side, and fixing her eyes pathetically on her sister, "if your husband makes away with his money.
said a man who for some time past had been hanging around the old lady's chair--a personage who, dressed in a shabby frockcoat and coloured waistcoat, kept taking off his cap, and smiling pathetically.
I wish you could translate it into English for me," I said, pathetically, to my help-mate.
There shortly followed the most regrettable incident in his whole career, which pathetically illustrates also the lack of a sense of humor which was perhaps his greatest defect.
But her eyes asked a question so eloquently, so frankly and pathetically that he answered it with words.
Only a public inquiry to give them a platform to be heard and learn tough lessons for the future from the failures of the past can give the survivors a semblance of justice when pathetically few men were put behind bars.
He said Shahra-e-Jamia is an important road of district East Karachi and it needs special attention and its present shape between NED University and Safoora is pathetically poor.
LOOKING at the pathetically staged posturing of Theresa May during her Calais "summit" you'd think she'd got the migrant crisis all under control with the French on side.
The owners pathetically calling the attackers name to "come here" .
Over the past 14 years delivery of new housing has been completely inadequate and pathetically inadequate.
While we will hear political comments via UKIP on the run-up to the 2015 elections, one should ask UKIP if they are providing value for money by taking many thousands of pounds in Euro political allowances and pathetically turning their backs as the orchestra played at the opening of the European Parliament?
Their pathetically small and unpredictable output epitomises the folly of green-dreaming politicians who care not for those whose landscape and wildlife will be permanently damaged, so they can feed the greed of their cronies.
ISLAMABAD -- The much touted program for alleviation of poverty among masses, BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) has itself become pathetically impoverished.