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an informal use of the Latin word for father

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At Walker's suggestion all who were afraid were let off, in honour of Pater Brooke's speech.
De paters waren bezig met kerstening en het brengen van beschaving.
Ook tijdens het interbellum, waren paters actief in de literatuur (zie verder het werk van missionarissen als L.
Na haar dood in het missieziekenhuis blijft hun zoon op school bij de paters.
Hier is het beeld van de paters bepaald niet vijandig.
The game didn't produce a singletry, with four penalties by Chris Paters on and another courtesy of Dan Parks giving Scotland the win to overshadow Jonny Wilkinson on the day he became the highest scorer in the history of Test rugby.
But however common our subject, it is quite clear it is not unitary, since diverse writing practices as critics and scholars produce diverse Paters.
Our choices are determined in part, even largely, by the categories of knowledge in our time, so that for example Pater is far more likely to be written as a gendered subject now than he was before the 1967 Sexual Offenses Act in Britain, which changed the legal status of consensual sex between men over 21, or before the introduction of gendered and cultural studies into hegemonic institutions via university syllabuses.
So although we now know from others' letters that Pater was carpeted by Jowett in 1874 for involvement with a Balliol undergraduate, (3) we have little idea, given the dearth of a fulsome correspondence from Pater, of how he experienced the incident at the time or subsequently, and how and if he represented it to others.
With Pater it has been very useful to have the date of 1874 for the fracas with Benjamin Jowett; it establishes the mid and late 1870s as a period of public danger for Pater, and sets Pater's essays of that period, the threat of The New Republic and his withdrawal of the "Conclusion" in that explanatory context of homophobia.
Today, the Paters run more than 500 item listings on eBay a month, making approximately $10,000 in monthly sales.
Pater fancied himself a descendant of the French Paters who had close ties with Watteau, and one of his deviations from the historical record is the claim in the imaginary portrait that (Jean Antoine) Watteau was baptized by Antoine Pater, the painter's mentor and the father of the diarist.
Pater first toured Italy in 1865 with Charles Lancelot Shadwell, to whom he later dedicated Studies in the History of the Renaissance (1873).
A Pater revival has occurred in Italy in the 1990s.
Before World War I, Pater received a surprising degree of attention.