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the male head of family or tribe

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Pero esto no siempre fue asi, puesto que siguiendo la libertad ensenada por Cristo, la conversion a la fe del paterfamilias no conducia necesariamente a la del resto de la familia.
Glitz's handling of Lawrence works best under the rubric of paterfamilias and the family chronicle's typical examination of patriarchal oppression.
It also has Frank Windsor as an amiable paterfamilias, easy-going but shrewd, still managing to read his paper while fielding questions from inevitably clever infants.
Perhaps if I'd taken the line of the stern paterfamilias, they would have stopped short of provoking my ire by daring to comment on the way I dress.
Christian households are part of a cosmic sitcom, with God as the paterfamilias, often bemused, a little confused and always ready to fix the car ditzy mom has wrecked.
But our company's paterfamilias was doing what he has done for decades, taking young professionals under his wing to share his views and offer a bit of sage advice.
They appeared in a November episode entitled The Devil Wears Nada in which bungling paterfamilias, the doughnut-loving Homer and his colleague Carl Carlson visit Paris and bump into Bruni, a cigarette-smoking femme fatale in a stylish ball gown.
Aware of the success of Marshall's debut novel, Brown Girl, Brownstones, Hughes had attended a book party in Harlem expressly to congratulate her and "to beam at me like a paterfamilias whose offspring had done him proud.
Rembrandt Peale, troubled son of the Revolutionary War figure and portraitist Charles Peale, painted the elderly Washington in 1795 as a fragile paterfamilias.
Marshal had no children of his own but did his best as paterfamilias to his stepchildren and was deeply affected when one was KIA in Italy.
Rodefer, as far as I could see from my usual position on the outside looking in, was the mentor and paterfamilias of the gang, going to parties with them or out on the shoreline towns.
After Roger's death in 1929, when Joe was thirty-three, he made several startling discoveries that shattered "the established image of the paterfamilias, the .
The head of this group was a paterfamilias, always a male who was at least potentially father and independent of any ascendant male.
Far better, perhaps, to write a book about Tring, rather than trying to write an exhaustive biography of its paterfamilias.
From the sociological angle, the most interesting conclusion is that the authority structure actually diminished the power of the paterfamilias and thus enhanced, to a degree, the status of women as community members equally subordinate to the mebaqqer.