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an informal use of the Latin word for father

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It was no mean feat to play Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" with pillow--fingers, but Pater had always been a skillful technician.
34) Like Buchanan, for instance, Pater views Rossetti as "the leader .
Daily the pater wanes; daily he regrets his action.
It's not surprising I was tempted to consider Pater a godsend, a Virgilian sortilege.
Mortuus Pater, composed of Gordy, director Daniel Campbell and Gary Newton, wants to start production before the end of year, "but that is dependent upon completion of financing," Newton said in an email to Whispers.
Eternally cross with at Pater for lack of funds, Jack is hell bent on getting it on with Kitty while his mate, the hyper-active Charley Wykeham (Jamie Kwasnick) is entangled with the imminent arrival of his millionairess aunt from Brazil (Liz Grand at her most imperious) a lady impersonated by Lord "Fanny" Babberley (the irrepressible John-Robert Partridge).
It was but only proper and instructive to start our tour of Mount Olives by visiting the Church of the Pater Noster, the Roman Catholic church and Carmelite monastery on French possession (again the multilayered history of Jerusalem) that used to be known as the Church of the Eloana, the latter being Greek for 'olive grove.
However, neither Atkinson nor Darrohn examine how the instances of aestheticization in the story may be linked to Mansfield's sustained interest in the aesthetic theories and practices of Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde, writers Mansfield discovered, admired, and imitated as a young woman.
When Imke de Pater (University of California, Berkeley) and colleagues detected eight large storms in the planet's northern hemisphere on August 5th and 6th, several amateurs also started looking.
Roger Williams, 50, was found dead at Pater Court in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, on Friday afternoon.
I admit I'm slightly nervous about spending a stint in a religious establishment, but any fears soon disappear when I'm greeted by Pater Arno, wearing flowing black robes and a boyish grin.
Head teacher at Clinton primary school Sam Pater wrote and composed a pop song to help youngsters learn multiplication.
Former Tribune real estate director Stephanie Pater left the company in 2010 to start a business that outsourced Tribune's real estate services.
Dicho debate, focalizado en los textos de autores como Walter Horatio Pater, Oscar Wilde o John Addington Symonds, entre otros, posibilitaron la apertura de espacios subversivos de creacion y ruptura de las definiciones hegemonicas del genero masculino.