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unmistakably ('plain' is often used informally for 'plainly')

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LOS ANGELES -- In response to a deaf discrimination suit against the Regal Entertainment Group, Nanci Linke-Ellis, Executive Director of InSight Cinema, announced today that the charges against Regal are patently false and should be immediately dismissed.
Hahn's claim that LAFCO's proposal would ``unlawfully forcibly transfer city assets to the Valley without the consent of or compensation to the city'' is patently ridiculous.
Their fine-art-object aura derived not only from the fact that they were placed in a gallery, but also from the asking price that declared each of the stools to be a costly work of art, and which made the use of them as stools seem patently absurd.
The union's continued rhetoric includes statements that are patently untrue.
He did (endorse Levine) because of the blatant race-baiting and patently false accusations against Levine by Cherny,'' Shimpock said.
But in laying down the law and the limits, so to speak, of taking the piss, Carstensen invokes all that is patently absent, spent, or lost.
What distinguishes Mantello from other artists who deal expressly with the commodity is that his work is not patently critical.
At a time when the state faces a massive budget deficit, it is unfortunate that taxpayers and parents will see critical funds diverted to defend a bill which is patently unconstitutional.
The movie's handlers are trying to mount an Oscar campaign for this slight yarn, which is patently ridiculous and actually does the film a disservice by creating oversize expectations.
He particularly rails against what he describes as the "Cyclops convention": the attempt to render a world observed with the use of only one eye, with all elements, whether near or far, simultaneously existing in focus and seen from a single vantage point, positing what Haydon reads as a patently false universe.
These statements are not only patently false, but have an air of desperation about them which is unbecoming of the President and Chief Executive Officer of a public company.
A feel-good ending seems patently false in light of what we know of life's harder realities.
It actually represents an encyclopedic summing-up of the variety of techniques at the command of the abstract painter, whose work patently has no place within any geometric language.
Allowing children access to such potentially psychologically damaging material is patently irresponsible.
And he demonstrates an acute insight into today's warped mores - when Danson and Steenburgen apparently renege on a promise to Larry and his wife, David insists they should have at least called with a patently false excuse.