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unmistakably ('plain' is often used informally for 'plainly')

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Parents have a tough enough job raising their kids today without having to worry that they will be exposed to patently offensive sexual material on broadcast TV," said Ruse.
Per Patently Apple, growth will continue to characterize Catcher's efforts in the next few quarters mostly because of its collaboration with Apple - meaning the contractor will be part of the iPhone 6 supply chain for a stretch of periods to come.
It is respectfully submitted that the impugned judgment is patently illegal, suffers from errors apparent on the face of the record and flies in the face of well- established principles of law laid down by this court and contained in the Constitution and other statutes, the review petition had said.
30 ( ANI ): US Vice president Joe Biden, who was in Ohio with former president Bill Clinton during a campaign rally, accused Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of 'pirouetting more than a ballerina' on his auto industry stances and called the ad 'an absolutely patently false assertion'.
Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities.
The single bench of Justice Mohammad Munir Paracha in his detailed judgement said that allotment made to Aftab Ahmed Khan, scientific officer Global Change Impact Studies Centre, was patently illegal.
That is not all however, for Brown continues to write that to "affirm their faith as of equal value in reconciling us with God is patently unchristian".
The Mark Rimell-trained seven-year-old has won over course and distance and will appreciate a return to this trip, having patently failed to stay over 2m4f and then when tried at 3m2f last time out.
There can be no doubt that this was an intentional airing of patently offensive language on the public airwaves," says the AFA, "as the person wearing the profane t-shirt was culled by Fox Network's broadcast crew from more than 70,000 spectators in the stadium.
Wildmon failed to mention that such a law would be patently unconstitutional.
And the notion of encouraging more births in negative population growth countries when there are millions of people elsewhere who would gladly come and be a part of an economy in need of more hearts, minds and hands is just patently cruel.
To claim that the proactive work of the council to address the Skid Row homeless issues head-on was somehow at the request of a small number of developers is patently false.
I Say a Little Prayer opens with Chauncey Dion Greer, our patently pretentious protagonist, who is about to out a would-be elected U.
Finally, parents can relax, secure in the knowledge that their children are not being force-fed traumatizing TV broadcasts of sexual or excretory content of a patently offensive nature.
GAO was asked, among other things, to (1) determine the prevalence of patently false or incomplete contact data in the Whois service for the .