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(of devices and processes) protected by patent

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Increasingly there will be highly targeted, very effective drugs against specific cancers (although resistance does develop); most of them will be patented, priced at tens of thousands of dollars a year in the U.
Because patents are enforceable only within the jurisdictions issuing them, valuable inventions often are patented in several countries at once.
Gene Express offers the most advanced gene expression technology available based on patented technology invented by Gene Express Chief Scientific and Medical Consultant Dr.
It further characterized the rejection of business methods as "ill conceived" and said it was putting to rest the notion that business methods couldn't be patented.
However, improvements on Maillefer, patented by Geyer and Lacher, are commonly used here.
Mexican growers say the true identity of the bean Proctor patented as the enola is their mayocoba, a variety released in 1978.
Until 1980, there was a presumption that life forms could not be patented, but the Supreme Court reversed that in Diamond v.
Part of that work involves producing antibodies that correspond to the patented sections of the gene and then using those antibodies to diagnose dystrophin dysfunction.
AMEX: DMC) ("DSS"), a leader in proven, patented protection against counterfeiting and unauthorized copying, scanning and photo imaging, elaborated on its agreement with McDermott Will & Emery, LLP, ("MWE"), the internationally renowned law firm representing the Company on its patent validity and infringement suit against the European Central Bank ("ECB").
263), deposits of frozen, patented embryos soon may be required as part of the patent application process, Brandon and PTO officials say.
Calando is focused on designing, developing, and commercializing RNAi therapeutics to treat serious medical conditions, such as cancer, by combining effective siRNAs with our patented and proprietary systemic delivery technologies," said John Petrovich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Calando Pharmaceuticals.
Indeed, the patent covers all animals whose "ancestors" have been altered by the patented technique.