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the right granted by a patent

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China's Guidebook for Pharmaceutical Patent Protection provides a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the Chinese patent system relating to pharmaceuticals, the detailed administrative, civil and criminal judicial pathways for protections of patent right, and the design for composition of optimized protection strategies.
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the Tax Court's decision that an individual's receipt of patent royalties was ordinary income, not long-term capital gain, because the payments were made in exchange for patent rights transferred to a related corporation.
Patent rights ordinarily remain with the employee in the absence of an express agreement stating otherwise.
Market insiders noted that Google has become a major provider of ammunition for HTC in the latters battle of patent rights with Apple, in a counteroffensive against Apple, in order to force the latter to drop its patent charges targeting members of the Android camp.
I received an offer for the last six years of the patent rights and have come to an agreement with a Brian Wilson, who now owns the full patent rights.
With these new rulings it is very clear who is infringing whose patent rights,'' said Hans Langer, the CEO of EOS.
If it is determined that the payments are attributable to the transfer of patent rights (and all other Sec.
Nasdaq:TDSC) has announced it filed court papers in two separate actions on April 16 and one on April 17 seeking injunctions defending its laser sintering (LS) patent rights.
Patent Office confirmed Mount Olive, NJ-based BASF's patent rights to sunscreens and cosmetics formulated with Z-Cote and Z-Cote HP1 zinc oxide.
To critics like Love this policy seems harsh, but its logic is clear: Without a worldwide framework in which each nation honors and enforces other nations' patent rights, it's possible for nations not bound by patent agreements to flood the world market with cheap generic drugs.
Ideally, there is an express written agreement that assigns patent rights for inventions made on the job to the employer.
Univation Technologies and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, both of Houston, TX, have signed an agreement granting certain patent rights to each other.
The United States is particularly peeved by a provision in Brazil's 1997 intellectual property rights law that says a foreign company must forfeit patent rights to a product after three years if, during that period, the company does not begin to manufacture its product in Brazil.
Patent rights to a process believed to be widely used in underwater pelletizing of sticky polymers have been acquired by BKG/Kreyenborg, a German maker of pelletizers with U.
Since the law specifies that a patent must be issued in the inventor's name and not in the name of the patenting company, you can take advantage of the company's expertise without relinquishing any of your patent rights.