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medicine that is protected by a patent and available without a doctor's prescription

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Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease market is the biggest market for Chinese patent medicine, but also the most-variety field with item sales of over RMB500 million.
3) Meanwhile, the movement of malaria medications from prescription only medication (POM) to over the counter medication (OTC) and the dearth of standard health facilities in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) has led to the growth of the Patent Medicine Vendors (PMV) as sources for malaria treatment (4) in most parts of Africa especially Nigeria.
I can't do justice to them without quoting, in all their marvelous detail, one patent medicine peddler's litany of things that threatened our grandparents and great-grandparents in the gory and glory days of yesteryear.
No matter what's bothering you, if all your lab tests are normal, then you're often told there's nothing the matter -and frequently, you're told you should consider an "antidepressant" patent medicine, even though there's never, ever, been a proven case of "patent medicine deficiency.
It was like many such other nostrums, a patent medicine with a distinct cocaine kick.
It was in the cities of Victorian Britain that the patent medicine held sway, where the difference between life and death was a narrow one, and where the fear of infection was highest.
Patent medicine trade cards, often bright and visually stunning, were the first freely available art thanks to the invention of the lomography printer, which produced duplications of colored pictures inexpensively.
Also expanding in the late 19th century was the strangely named patent medicine industry.
One patent medicine could be prepared with identical formula of less potential ingredients which acts as a catalyst to determine the price of certain drug, Azhar remarked.
Patent medicine manufacturers could be charged with fraud or "misbranding" under the new law, and many were, but that was easy to avoid.
Which traditional patent medicine is mainly made from magnesium sulphate?
Such drugs should not be sold like patent medicine.
Akunyili said the NAFDAC had visited 1,675 drugs outlets, pharmacies, patent medicine stores, market stalls, clinics and hospitals, where 425 bottles of "My Pikin" were recovered.
Which patent medicine was advertised as being able to 'fortify the over-forties'?
The Pure Food and Drug Act came into effect on January 1st, 1907--the first step toward the creation of the modern Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and a step forward from the dangerous anarchy of the patent medicine era.