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that branch of jurisprudence that studies the laws governing patents

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This volume consists of 11 articles on patent law and intellectual property in the medical field in India.
Lyle Gravatt, attorney at NK Patent Law and official Ambassador of CED.
over patent laws seems to be coming to a head as the Supreme Court is set to hear the highest number of intellectual property cases this year in the court's history.
In a six year battle, the case went to the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the European Patent Office and the Supreme Court which finally overruled the existing patent law.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, has an enormous influence on patent law and innovation policy.
The Indian Supreme Court decision confirms that Indian patent law meets international standards.
In general, the rules of the new Patent Law enjoy clarity and simplicity, and are well divided under various main subjects of the Patent Law.
however, on what form of patent law will achieve this treasured goal.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit which is the highest court specializing in patent law and from an official from the U.
While this Symposium draws its foundation from the history of the Federal Circuit, the focus is on the future--the future of patent law and the future of the court.
Both critical intellectual property studies and feminist legal scholarship seldom address the gendered dimensions of patent law or its implications for women and women's rights.
Miller, a medicinal chemist and patent lawyer in the Boston area, and Evans, a scientist in the pharmaceutical business now working in regulatory affairs around Philadelphia, help chemists understand elements of patent law that could be important in their work.
Thus, the issue was "whether a legal malpractice action, ordinarily cognizable in state court, must yield to federal jurisdiction" when the malpractice action required a substantial resolution of patent law issues upon which the legal malpractice claim was based.
Especially in the past several years, by revising the patent law and strengthening enforcement of that law, China has achieved a great deal of success in constructing a patent system that meets the requirement of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement (2).