patent infringement

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violation of the rights secured by a patent

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To avoid potential threats and perils, companies and organizations should carefully understand the fundamental framework of managing and defending against a patent infringement lawsuit.
Single Touch Systems Inc (OTCBB: SITO), a technology based mobile media solutions provider, announced on Thursday the issuance of a patent claim construction ruling, or 'Markman Order', on 17 July by the US District Court, Northern District of California, in the ongoing patent infringement action between the company's subsidiary, Single Touch Interactive Inc, and Zoove Corporation.
Most courts eventually came to the conclusion that advertising injury coverage did not cover patent infringement lawsuits.
again awarded reasonable royalty damages for patent infringement that
that four additional licensing agreements for the "Web-Based Prediction Marketplace" Patent have been finalized as a result of settlements in a patent infringement lawsuits with Pregame, LLC (Las Vegas, NV), 1402487 Ontario Limited (Toronto, ON), IGC Entertainment Corporation (Vancouver, BC) and National Sports Services (IGC), Inc.
It now costs over $3 million to defend a patent infringement lawsuit.
The lawsuit against Apple is a continuing part of the Company's strategy for pursuing its patent infringement claims relating to its Predictive Snooping technology.
TTI") emerged victorious when the United States Court of Appeals yesterday affirmed the judgment TTI won in its patent infringement suit against Mary Kay Inc.
Motorvac initiated a lawsuit in May 31, 2002 by filing a complaint against Norco for patent infringement of an automatic transmission fluid exchange device.
Oerlikon in return has filed a counter claim at the same court in order to convict Prodisc of patent infringement.
Liquid Dynamics also announced the filing on October 10, 2006, of a second lawsuit against Vaughan, seeking damages for patent infringement in connection with more than 60 additional RotaMix installations between June 2002 and February 2005.
Nasdaq:FORM) announced the filing of a patent infringement lawsuit against Micronics Japan Co.
OTCBB:OPTI) today announced that it had filed a patent infringement lawsuit earlier today in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
the market leader in digital medical image archiving and storage services for the healthcare industry in the United States, announced today that it filed a claim for patent infringement against National Digital Medical Archive, Inc.