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the openness (lack of obstruction) of a bodily passage or duct

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Although the incidence of lower urinary tract and ureteral injury following gynecologic surgery is low, intraoperative identification of ureteral patency can prevent serious long-term sequelae.
Tubal patency in the followup period after treatment can be assessed by hysterosalpingography.
The success of coronary artery bypass grafting depends largely upon the patency of the vascular grafts post operatively.
Comparison of post-operative nasal patency following microdebrider-assisted turbinoplasty was done with that of submucosal diathermy, which showed that 73.
concluded that small changes in lung volume could impact the patency of the upper airway.
The objectives of the study were to study success rate of AVF done by conventional vascular anastomosis technique, to study the complications and their incidences, and to study the factors affecting the patency rate of AVF.
Preoperative CTA or DSA, operative report, and postoperative duplex ultrasound or CTA were evaluated to describe the lesion by length, degree of calcification and limb patency.
What sets this product apart from similar ones on the market today: According to Maquet, FUSION Bioline is the only FDA 510k-cleared peripheral graft with a RCT demonstrating improved patency and fewer graft re-interventions, when compared to standard ePTFE grafts, as shown in FINEST trial results.
It is a well-known fact that internal mammary artery conduits have excellent and long-lasting patency when used for coronary artery bypass grafting.
The patency of the anastomosis and the flow of the graft are the most important subjects for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).
Reportedly, Neutrolin, as a catheter lock solution, has been proven to significantly reduce the incidence of catheter related bloodstream infections (CRBIs) as well as maintain catheter patency by inhibiting thrombosis, thus reducing the need for systemic antibiotics and prolonging central venous catheter life.
Analysis of the 120 patients showed excellent device performance, very promising patency rates and convincing evidence of the benefits of lower limb intervention on a 4F platform.
Analysis of the 120 patients was said to have shown excellent device performance, promising patency rates and convincing evidence of the benefits of lower limb intervention on a 4F platform.