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Synonyms for patchy

Synonyms for patchy

lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance

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irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc.

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Wolverhampton Standard; A dry and bright day with sunny spells and patchy cloud.
LEEDS-LIVERPOOL CANAL: Fishing has been patchy and consisting of small roach being caught one pole and punch bread.
Epsom 5f course - Good, Good to Soft in places, Round course - Good to Soft, Good in places; A dry and bright day with sunny intervals and patchy cloud.
The review also said the performance was 'patchy', How can a performance be patchy if there was people dancing to every song
One big lack has been careful studies of how organisms move in real, patchy environments.
THE Assembly Government's efforts to combat child poverty are patchy and have stalled, a cross-party group of AMs will say today.
Ann Furedi, of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, said: "We are delighted in the fall but the picture is still patchy regionally.
Half of the populations lived in the dense tropical rain forest, while the other half came from the extensive and patchy edge habitat that separates the forest from the savanna.
2); Grey and damp with patchy light rain and drizzle for much of the time.
Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth was singled out by the inspectors, criticised for unhygienic bathrooms, and the patchy provision of hand gels.
The face and shoulders are fine but her pale look got somewhat patchy down her back at the Beverly Hills premiere of her latest movie The Black Dahlia.
It's too patchy to skate on, and the soil it's mixed with is likely to make it look like dirt, but the lunar ice field suggested by data from the Clementine spacecraft could serve as a major resource for space voyagers.