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the act of mending a hole in a garment by sewing a patch over it

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It has been responsible for patching Windows for Meltdown and Spectre, and it distributes Intel-authored patches to its various Surface products.
What is the missing link, and how can underwriters assess the risk of patching for companywide IT systems?
Protect goes beyond OS patching and adds third-party software update distribution, virtual infrastructure patching and patch scanning for all Windows systems on a network.
We also think about patching and patch management a lot, even though that is not what we do.
Each patching kit only has a certain amount of available material, and the Surface Force Training Manual requires you to have all DC-repair-locker equipment on hand or on order.
While there are numerous components to risk, two types of risk are of primary concern when setting priorities for patching: organizational risk (if the application is not available), and exposure risk (if the software is exposed to the Internet or an external network).
By testing and validating patches before they are deployed, Patchworks significantly increases the efficiency of the patching process, while providing organizations with the peace of mind that their database environments are highly secure."
For more information on patching and repairing BDUs, see Chapter 15 of TM 10-8400-201-23, General Repair Procedures for Clothing.
Now the fun begins: If you've ever frosted a cake or waxed a car, you can develop the skills of patching with Durobond[R].
In Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes," his impoverished father patches his sons' pitiful shoes with chunks of rubber from discarded tires, remnants of his pride opting for patching instead of begging for his brood at the Limerick rectories.
"Blue Lane offers a compelling solution for organizations that need to achieve PCI compliance, but whose systems do not allow them to implement a legacy-style patching process," commented Seth Peter, chief technology officer at NetSPI.
Timely patching of security issues is generally recognized as critical to maintaining the operational availability, confidentiality and integrity of IT systems.
Solving the dilemma of "patch now or patch later," the Blue Lane PatchPoint System instantly secures critical applications and preserves the uptime of the business while eliminating the cost and risks associated with unscheduled patching. Founded in 2002, Blue Lane is headquartered in Cupertino, California.
We examined whether eye patching primarily affected awareness or motor-action planning in people with spatial neglect.
Here are patching solutions for Fedora, Debian and other distributions, covering all kinds of tools and applications.