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unevenness in quality or performance

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We applied Taylor's Power Law (b) (Taylor 1961), Iwao's Patchiness Regression ([beta]) (Iwao 1968), and the Index of Dispersion (ID) (Clapham 1936; Selby 1965; Perry & Mead 1979) to quantify aggregation patterns.
The author insists on using the word chiefly in connexion with trade, credit, specie, the output of mines, and demand for some types of goods, especially luxuries, without attempting to suppress the shifts of rhythm and the patchiness of the patterns.
You can handle a little patchiness, but the ridges were so violent that if you caught them the best rider in the world wouldn't be able to hold on, especially where they were.
Currently, the challenges include widespread damage to property and infrastructure, a still fragile security situation and patchiness in provision of public services," said Kuel.
com) is a really good product to use because it covers patchiness, stains, strong colours and hairline cracks, so it''s useful for all kinds of decorating problems.
Then, 95% confidence intervals around the mean stock densities were estimated for each zone and 95% confidence intervals around the mean stock densities were calculated; second, the homogeneity/degree of patchiness of sea cucumber distribution per macrozone as reflected by those statistics was then used to calculate the minimum number of replicates necessary per macrozone to achieve a precision of [+ or -]25% applying the following formula:
Then we begin to scan the horizon for the glider's little yellow tail, a flag smaller than a sheet of paper marking not only the location of the vehicle but also a new piece to the puzzle of plankton patchiness.
The John Frieda Precision Foam Color line is designed to minimize the patchiness and uneven results common with other at-home color products.
The mask-like features and color patchiness, the lack of facial expression betray the nature of the child's illness.
Despite widespread rains, there is a patchiness in the distribution.
Spatial patchiness of litter, nutrients and macroinvertebrates during secondary succession in a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest in Mexico.
The patchiness in the first group of samples vary from 6 to 15 (averagely about 12) land cover patches per sample, while in the second--from 5 to 11 (averagely about 9).
Several studies have identified the physical and ecological conditions under which periodic vegetation patchiness develops--usually involving water flow and availability--but the models they used were unable to explain why scale-free patterns form.
It looks like the patchiness [of the atmosphere] is the effect of a very rapidly changing solar wind source," says Menelaos Sarantos, a NASA research scientist with the Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center in Greenbelt, Md.