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unevenness in quality or performance

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In the wet season, bird structural assemblages generally showed an increase in bird richness and spatial distribution across the four habitats (Figure 7), in spite of the strong correlation between species-environmental factors on axis I (i.e., patchiness, [r.sub.p] = 0.85) and II (i.e., animal trampling, [r.sub.p] = 0.88) (Figure 7, Table 5).
For each of the degrees of patchiness and for the 2 levels of incidental mortality, simulations were performed with present-day management (termed "base cases" hereafter) for a comparison with simulations of area management options.
The vegetation model is able to translate input landscape maps with statistics about coverage and patchiness of plant species to a sound and convincing plant distribution; and the visualization model supports rendering natural environments with high density and variety of plants.
Yet the irregular glow of low-energy X-rays in the CXB matched the patchiness of the CIB quite well.
The head of the International Monetary Fund warned that Greece could fall out of the euro zone as it struggled to sort out its debt stand-off, which is adding to concern about the patchiness of global economic recovery.
In other cases, spiral patterns develop in recovering regions, prolonging bouts of patchiness.
I've noticed less patchiness on my cheeks and a plumper overall look to my complexion since I started using it.' Roisin Cauley, London
CMC Markets strategist Ric Spooner said the release of the US jobs figure is likely to dictate caution among traders as there has been some patchiness in recent data from the U.S.
Distribution patterns of predatory arthropods, ulidiid eggs, and larvae can be analyzed by Taylor's Power Law (Taylor 1961), Iwao's Patchiness Regression (Iwao 1968), and the Index of Dispersion (Clapham 1936; Selby 1965; Perry & Mead 1979).
Some basecoat emulsions cover hairline cracks, patchiness and stains, making them a good buy.
Stanimir Metchev of the University of Western Ontario, Canada, said that as the brown dwarfs spin on their axis, the alternation of what they think are cloud-free and cloudy regions produces a periodic brightness variation that they can observe, asserting that these are signs of patchiness in the cloud cover.
The author insists on using the word chiefly in connexion with trade, credit, specie, the output of mines, and demand for some types of goods, especially luxuries, without attempting to suppress the shifts of rhythm and the patchiness of the patterns.
"You can handle a little patchiness, but the ridges were so violent that if you caught them the best rider in the world wouldn't be able to hold on, especially where they were.
"Currently, the challenges include widespread damage to property and infrastructure, a still fragile security situation and patchiness in provision of public services," said Kuel.