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Synonyms for patchy

Synonyms for patchy

lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance

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irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc.

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Sampling over the last 9 y suggests that abalone larvae are patchily distributed in northern California in space and time.
Largest fruits seen (still immature) 19-23 mm in diameter (dried), spheroidal or broadly 3-angled, densely and persistently tomentose but apparently patchily glabrescent near maturity, the wall granulate.
However, despite the caatinga's current status as one of the most endangered biomes in Brazil, research on insect diversity, particularly on those that rely on patchily distributed resources, such as necrophagous species, is scarce.
Histology of the cross-section of the ureter revealed markedly thickened ureteric walls due to amorphous, pale eosinophilic, extracellular nodular deposits expanding the lamina propria and extending patchily into the muscularis propria as well as focally into the adventitia.
To try to make a case for the social service of the patchily supported Free Breakfasts against UFSM is embarrassingly daft.
When we wanted to call both of them at once, we would say or shout, "Bin-Ta." I think they were the only two toy poodles in our neighborhood, Willow Run, which had around 60 houses and a retention pond and maybe 15 houseless lots, which ranged from patchily weeded to moderately forested.
An alluring blend of sophistication, La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie and Tobacco Blaze men series offers a leading note of Neroli, Muget Saffron, cascades down to Violet, Apricot, Accord, Coumarine, Amber and Cedar wood, and ends with patchily, leather and pure Indian Oud.
Spotted bass were patchily distributed throughout the lower and middle portions.
It occurs patchily from Portugal around the Mediterranean Sea environs to Turkey and the Arabian Gulf and from Iran through the Indian sub-continent to the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, as well as across much of sub-Saharan Africa as far south as Cape Town (Cramp, 1980).
This observation also provides an explanation for why so many genes are patchily distributed across genomes of closely related microbes.
CD56 patchily stained the epithelial elements with a strong membranous pattern, while the spindled areas had focal weak to moderate staining.
However, the grass did grow, although patchily and the green was opened.
The London-based European Banking Authority (EBA) said, on 12 April, that rules to reduce bank bonuses introduced as part of the third overhaul of the Capital Requirements Directives (CRD III) were being implemented patchily across various countries and that some banks were circumventing bonus restrictions by paying staff larger salaries.
But this year's drier weather saw them appear more patchily in the woodlands, thick old hedges, brackencovered hillsides and sea cliffs where they are found.