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Synonyms for patchy

Synonyms for patchy

lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance

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irregular or uneven in quality, texture, etc.

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Economic recovery in northern regions is patchier and far less well entrenched as higher employment figures are mostly due to part-time jobs.
It tends to show strong and diffuse expression of S100 protein (in contrast to CCSLGT, which often shows patchier staining).
Highly variable seasonality and climatic conditions in the north where forage productivity is lower, and habitat is patchier due to more rugged and higher terrain, may foster migratory behavior and larger home ranges (Ballard et al.
These work great when matched with the right ammunition, but can also make patterns with the wrong ammunition even patchier and more erratic.
Although, in places, the surface was patchier than their centurion captain's pre-op hairstyle, it was not responsible for slowing the Three Lions down against Slovenia.
Patchy research underlies even patchier notions of what was actually going on.
"The rain will be heaviest and most persistent towards Cumbria, but becoming lighter and patchier in the South.
The wellhead's location a mile deep and its distance from shore combined with fickle winds and currents to slow the oil's movement toward land, and the oil was much patchier than the blanket of Valdez oil in Alaska's relatively confined Prince William Sound.
While there is no doubt that public launch events can generate active listening among the audience, as found by Salazar (2010), the evidence for active listening from policy-makers is patchier.
The greater species richness and different species composition of prairies in our study could be due to geographic differences or to the patchier nature of the habitats included in our study.
The piece's ambition and adventurousness, still startling after 50 years, fully comes through in the current Gotham revival shepherded by the nonagenarian, though the touring version now gracing the Pantages stage is a patchier affair.
One of the social enterprises they describe is Greenstar Social Marketing Pakistan, which Sundari Ravindran also examines in her paper in this journal issue in far greater depth, whose achievements are patchier than first meets the eye.