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When young folks are making their way through ministry training, many come to that point where they have to make a choice between pursuing a PhD and opting (or perhaps more modestly, hoping) for a career in the academy, or leaving theological scholarship behind and heading into the pastorate. This vocational dichotomy was brought home in a fresh way when I was invited to give an address to the Student Theological Society at Moody Bible Institute.
Even if these ideas and practices originated in the pre-Christian East, Foucault argues that it is only with the birth of the Christian Church that the pastorate, as an autonomous kind of power, has been crystallized in a series of precise mechanisms and institutions, both modifying its Eastern form and appropriating certain Greek and Roman techniques of direction.
When the subject turned to women in ministry, the pastor's wife, knowing that I had graduated from seminary and am an advocate of ordaining women to the pastorate, said, "How can you stand it?
The terra stems from pre-Christian and early Christian practices of soul-guiding in nomadic societies, where the pastorate was metaphorized as the "shepherd" and the group as the "flock." During 1950-2000, the Finnish state, municipalities, and recognized civic organizations were responsible for the "social-liberal pastorate of the souls" of the citizens and governance of the population in Finland.
After mid-century, demographics and institutions laid the foundations for an effective, highly educated pastorate whose primary charge was to preach and teach God's Word as they understood it.
The journey that led to this study began during his first pastorate, which was a Baptist church with a long practice of allowing congregational response to the sermon.
Data from the Presbyterian Church of Wales shows that Mr Morris's pastorate of Llangoed, near Beaumaris, has the smallest membership in Wales with just 50 members.
Jeyaraj, who is now in charge of the Christ Church pastorate at Ragale in the mountainous southern Nuera Eliya region, said, "Now, I have full freedom as a pastor."
The Ely Pastorate Community Music group is looking for new members.
Avery Lee entitled Perfecting the Pastor's Art: Wisdom From Avery Lee and Gardner Taylor (May 2005, $10, ISBN 0-817-01482-9), which reflects Taylor's thoughts on the state of the pastorate. A collection of Taylor's sermons is also available on audio CD, Essential
It examines the governmentality of liberal peacebuilding and the practices of "unfreedom" it licenses; brings into focus the constellation of social control that is effected by the EU's efforts, in the context of its security and defense policy, to promote democratic policing in Bosnia; and shows how a normatively committed form of governmentality theory can be employed to limit the inevitable political pastorate in the international construction of liberal peace in posthostility societies.
By contrast, Sawchuk's articulation of the pastoral obrera (workers' pastorate) in Limon province reveals how much a class and ecclesiastical divide characterizes Costa Rica, a divide exacerbated by the neo-liberalism pursued by Costa Rican governments post-1979.
In the fall of 2002, Scarborough resigned his pastorate to devote himself lull time to grassroots organizing and moved his operation to Lufkin, Texas.
In the remainder of this article I examine briefly the events and profound reactions stimulated by the implementation of Henry Venn's experiment with a native pastorate in the colonial context of Sierra Leone (West Africa) from the nineteenth century.
In the Outline of the Teachings of Jesus, originally published in 1903, Wright writes, "The Christian ought to strive to make the state the true representative of the Kingdom of God upon earth." We can see this in his early pastorate at Chicago's Trinity AME Church and in his writing and social work (Wright, 1965).