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Synonyms for pastille

Synonyms for pastille

a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

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The general shape of most buildings was ideal for a pastille burner.
With the advent of bone china, a much larger range of pastille burners was made in the first half of the 19th century, bringing these dainty objects within the reach of the burgeoning middle classes.
The weigher therefore despatches six weighments at a time into a specially developed funnel system that packs the pastilles into the cartons.
For higher impact energy [ILLUSTRATION FOR 2 AND 1 IN FIGURE 13 OMITTED] the pastille progressively disappears.
Mollypops, pictured yesterday, saved owner Rachel Hayes, below, from choking on a pastille
Singing the praises of Cadbury Creme Egg, Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles and Aero Caramel respectively, they grabbed the nation's attention, scoring 88%, 83% and 80% in terms of brand linkage - the ability of consumers to recall the brands advertised.
The six new finishes, which are designed to complement Medallion's existing line of colors, are Midnight Tide Vintage, Midnight Tide Heirloom, Cayenne Vintage, Cayenne Heirloom, Divinity Classic and Lemon Pastille Classic.
Well, the larger of the two is a pastille burner, while the smaller one is actually a money box, although it could easily have been another pastille burner.
Struktol ZB 47 is a user-friendly, dust-free pastille that is available worldwide.
The Norwegian confectionery company Brynild Gruppen has found a true recipe for success for its Dent pastille.
Pastille (a Division of Neiman Marcus) , and Henri Bendel.
Last month Tom Jones spoke out in support of the little black pastille after being sent a letter about their origins by small Devon-based, family-run company Kestrel Medical Ltd, who now produce the lozenges.
The new system can be operated at a higher speed, while maintaining control of end product quality and still deliver a consistent pastille with a regular, hemispherical shape.
A fertile period of R&D activity in the past year or two has led to the introduction of brand-new chemistries as well as new blends of stabilizers in free-flowing, non-dusting granule and pastille forms.