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Synonyms for pastiche

Synonyms for pastiche

a musical composition consisting of a series of songs or other musical pieces from various sources

a work of art that imitates the style of some previous work

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Waugh's work tells the story of a conversion that fails at pastiche, that involves unnecessary loss in its movement from charm to grace, from the profane to the sacred.
"Architects are all imbeciles": that was Gustave Flaubert's pastiche of French provincial opinion.
He goes on to say: "The building should be of high quality, but appropriate to Lichfield and the early 21st century, not a pastiche of what has gone before, that would look wrong.
The pastiches of period erotica seem completely convincing to this reader (and rendered in high beaux arts style by Gebbie's nuts-butts-clits-and-tits drawings).
My host was a serious American architect and the building looked real enough, but two inches into it I realised that this piece of Georgian pastiche that had found its way to (the other) Georgia was balloon frame, clad in polystyrene.
More, though, than just a pastiche, Jan Dunn's film succeeds by mining deep into the lives of a working-class U.K.
This astonishing book is just what a literary pastiche ought to be, and one hopes there are more adventures to be chronicled in this universe.
Since 1997, Zaiser has been staging droll mise-en-scenes such as a rocker's trashed hotel suite or the smoking room in a private club--all mockery and pastiche, with artifice as its heart.
Written in plain terms, with a smattering of Hollywood-style pastiche to jocularly introduce different topics, Jesus Goes To Hollywood is entertaining yet ultimately a serious- minded weighing of ideas, beliefs, and theological arguments.
Paul Lilley, who was previously group finance director with a national leisure company, has bought The Pastiche Bistro chain for an undisclosed sum.
A Place To Crash, meanwhile, is a lame Stones pastiche.
Many critics praised Haynes's pastiche of 1950s' Hollywood cinema, extolling the beauty of its photography, the restraint of its cast's performances, and the economy of its dialogue.
LA Rugs brought the motif into its Cosmos collection, and Milliken was among the other companies showing new designs and colors for the theme within its Pastiche collection of area rugs.
I find it interesting that Michael Ingham, a bishop who goes out of his way to preach tolerance and plurality, imposes on his dioceses a monochromatic mantle, albeit thinly veiled with a pastiche of care for those who are uncomfortable with his dictum.