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Synonyms for pastiche

Synonyms for pastiche

a musical composition consisting of a series of songs or other musical pieces from various sources

a work of art that imitates the style of some previous work

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Los conceptos de pastiche y esquizofrenia conservan de una u otra manera las caracteristicas propias de la posmodernidad: generalmente estan enunciados bajo el precepto generico de la "crisis de orden de la representacion" que destruyendo cualquier logica referencial y significativa sostiene la imposibilidad de representar el mundo y cuestiona la confianza con que se tiende a admitir ciertas representaciones como encarnacion de la verdad; reflejan el nuevo tipo de relaciones que hoy en dia se establecen entre la realidad y su representacion derivada de la fragmentacion (del tiempo y del espacio), del pluralismo y de las diferencias que coexisten unas junto a otras sin ningun orden univalente o principio comun.
Architects are all imbeciles": that was Gustave Flaubert's pastiche of French provincial opinion.
But he added: "It is fast becoming a cliche among planners, developers, and some councillors to cast traditional designs as being a pastiche.
Pastiche menus offer "great value modern European cuisine including traditional English dishes".
LA Rugs brought the motif into its Cosmos collection, and Milliken was among the other companies showing new designs and colors for the theme within its Pastiche collection of area rugs.
I find it interesting that Michael Ingham, a bishop who goes out of his way to preach tolerance and plurality, imposes on his dioceses a monochromatic mantle, albeit thinly veiled with a pastiche of care for those who are uncomfortable with his dictum.
The fact that Proust devoted both a declared pastiche--a pastiche that presents itself as such--and a critical essay to Balzac and Flaubert constitutes, for Bouillaguet, a continuous "reflexion sur le style de ces deux auteurs.
The acclaimed Decasia by American Bill Morrison is a disturbing pastiche of decaying nitrate films accompanied by a swirling dissonant symphony (scored by Michael Gordon).
Then comes an entirely new set of challenges: face-offs with writer friends whose essays he failed to select for the literary pastiche and fears the anthology will get skewered fatally by critics.
For his part, Shakespeare practices what Levi-Strauss calls bricolage: "a pastiche of various to-hand materials" (22).
5 million show, a haphazard pastiche of various famous Dr.
Where a modernist author parodies, Fredric Jameson (1988) argues that a postmodernist uses pastiche (pp.
Its duke, along with four privy councillors, ruled the area as the privy council, but their approach to governance was reactive, not proactive; "the word pastiche characterizes the reality of early modern governing better than the word design.
At its worst, he notes, this pastiche spirituality "can be a kind of private escapism to titillate oneself.
Para hacer un buen pastiche se necesita el gusto al seleccionar la obra que se va a pastichear.