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heat food in order to kill harmful microorganisms


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The Tubular Pasteuriser specialises in the heat treatment of products with solids and fibres, or more viscous products.
One of the pasteuriser modules is designed for fruit juices containing dices, so HRS DTA-series double tube heat exchangers with corrugated inner tubes have been used.
Our batch pasteuriser dates back around 30 years but remains an effective and reliable means of pasteurising a variety of products, including milk.
An integrated skid unit was manufactured in the Sherborne factory, based around a well proven, highly efficient Tetra Plex plate pasteuriser.
The steam pasteuriser has been installed at the AIBP plant in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.
Tenders are invited for Pasteuriser, batch freezer and potting machine for making frozen yogurt.
Specialising in the manufacture of organic soft cheese, Daisy & Co regularly produces a range of special quality cheeses in batches to meet specific customer demands, using purpose built equipment including a traditional pasteuriser set.
In addition the Hampshire dairy is now benefiting from greater temperature control for both raw and finished products, improved storage conditions and better management of its cream pasteuriser.
A new 1000 litre per hour pasteuriser, two 2000 litre storage tanks and the new carton machine, which can fill up to 1500 Tetra Rex cartons an hour, have boosted milk capacity dramatically for the Hampshire farm.
The Mixtronic 110 batch pasteuriser and Mantegel 50 batch freezer will be in use on a regular basis for the rest of this academic year.
Armfield supplied a disc bowl centrifuge that separates cream from milk, a laboratory pasteuriser, a butter churn, a rising film evaporator for evaporated milk, a miniature-scale ice-cream maker, a reverse osmosis/ultrafihration unit for seaparating whey and proteins from milk, a homogeniser and a vacuum freeze dryer.
In the preparation of milk used in the production of yoghurt, milk arrives by tanker and is stored in silos that feed into a pasteuriser.
Tetra Pak CPS supplied the centre with a 500 litre per hour skid mounted pasteuriser together with two modified and reconditioned tanks, where the equipment is benefiting the college further by enabling it to work with SME dairy businesses.
Typical recent projects include a process system for honey and sauces, bespoke ice cream production plant, yogurt and dessert plants, several packaged pasteuriser modules, fruit process system, CIP sets and a number of chocolate process vessels.
CPS has long been renowned among European producers for the high quality of its equipment, but now its reputation has extended to the African continent with the purchase of a pasteuriser by Sunpower Products in Kenya.