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partial sterilization of foods at a temperature that destroys harmful microorganisms without major changes in the chemistry of the food

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Farmers had resisted the pasteurisation of milk for a variety of reasons, but this had led to the high casualty rate amongst Land Army girls from TB, something hardly mentioned today.
Product quality is a top priority and it is crucial for Premier Foods to monitor tile pasteurisation process closely.
Until now, the company, which has spent the past six years testing recipes with kiwis, found the heat treatment involved in the pasteurisation process turned the smoothies a "sludgy brown" colour.
Obviously the point of pasteurisation is to remove harmful germs that can be particularly problematic for the elderly, children and mothers.
you are invited to the tender for the design and installation of a digester sludge pasteurisation heating plant to h&l environmental services limited at derryville, moyne, co.
Sensory changes that may take place during heat treatment are minimal or non-existent with high pressure pasteurisation allowing products to maintain a 'fresh" taste throughout shelf life.
However, the consortium claimed that recent tests proved that the Safe Eggs pasteurisation system, which was initially developed as a means to eliminate salmonella, destroyed the bird flu pathogen.
The new innovative temperature datalogger EBI 10 from ebro Electronic in Ingolstadt/Germany uses the EBI 10 wireless technology which enables the wireless, real-time monitoring of pasteurisation and sterilisation processes.
When bovine TB is again rearing its ugly head and the only safeguard for human health is milk pasteurisation, it is worth noting the arguments used by Redfern were precisely those used early in the previous century by the activists who tried to prevent the legalisation of milk pasteurisation -- second only to clean water, the most important public health measure, which has saved untold lives.
General information: The aim of the research is the study and the development of a new technology of pasteurisation and aseptic packaging, that could be aseptic for small enterprises producing vegetable canned foods typical of the Mediterranean tradition.
For example, flash (or surface) pasteurisation is particularly suitable for meat products but for ready meals, soups or sauces, the pasteurisation temperature must be reached through to the centre of the product.
The DSI RotaTherm is equipment used for pasteurisation, UHT and aseptic cooking.
ATi Atlas is pleased to announce the release of a new biological indicator for monitoring and validating the propylene oxide gas pasteurisation of almonds, nuts and other dry food products.
The line consists of a Tetra Therm Aseptic plant for the heat treatment of high quality beverages with Tetra Plex CW8-SR WideStream plates, a Tetra Alrox decorator and nitrogen injection system, and has a PU (Pasteurisation Unit) regulatory system which allows filling at variable speeds without adversely affecting pasteurisation.