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an acute infectious disease characterized by pneumonia and blood infection

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Pasteurellosis may also cause hemorrhagic nodules at the site of the bite or scratch, but bites are typically caused by larger animals such as dogs and livestock.
Investigation of outbreaks of pasteurellosis in cattle and buffaloes.
Tharwat, "Lipoproteins profile, acute phase proteins, proinflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress biomarkers in sheep with pneumonic pasteurellosis," Comparative Clinical Pathology, vol.
The number of saiga died of pasteurellosis is exceeding 120,000 in Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan said Wednesday.
Evaluation of the protection provided by an inactivated trivalent Pasteurella multocida vaccine against experimental Pasteurella infection and Pasteurellosis in commercial environment.
Severe invasive infections and death due to Pasteurellosis are rarely described in the literature.
Bacterial DiseasesAnthrax brucellosis contagious caprine pleuropneumonia caseous lymphadenitis enterotoxemia malignant edema (gas gangrene) mastitis pasteurellosis tetanus clostridum tetan Johnes disease (paratuberculosis) and tuberculosis.
Identified bacterial diseases that could cause bird mortality were colibacillosis, pasteurellosis, and salmonellosis.
The manufacturer recommends its use for prevention of early chick mortality due to Collibacillosis, Salmonellosis, Streptococcosis, Staphylaococosis, Pasteurellosis and Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Bacillus and Proteus spp.
Before the experiment started, all animals were vaccinated against Hog cholera, pasteurellosis, pneumonia and paratyphoid.
Epidemic pasteurellosis in a bighorn sheep population coinciding with the appearance of a domestic sheep.
Pfizer therefore proposed to divest a number of vaccine businesses: feline vaccination programmes, cattle vaccines for pasteurellosis and respiratory diseases, swine vaccines for porcine enzootic pneumonia, equine vaccines for influenza and tetanus, and several pharmaceutical areas - sedatives, antibiotics (tetracyclines, penicillins and cephalosporins) and parasiticides, and in one medicinal feed additives area - oral rehydration salts on several national markets.
Pasteurellosis in cattle was first described in 1878 by Bollinger in Germany.
Pasteurellosis (pahs-cher-ehl-o-sihs) An infection in rabbits caused by the bacteria Pasteurella multocida.