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The degree of knuckling may vary from slight knuckling of the knee to complete flexion of the pastern and fetlock joints which rest in the ground (Tyagi and Singh, 2010).
He has a bit of a shadow on the joint running into the pastern and that could turn into something nasty - it could turn into a fracture," said Hannon.
He has shattered his pastern very, very badly and had to be put down,' said Joe Mercer, racingmanager to owner Saeed Suhail.
Phoenix Reach was making only his third racecourse appearance in a career that was very nearly ended by a severe split pastern on his near-fore leg last year.
Rick Arthur described the injury as ``soft-tissue damage'' to the back of Soul of the Matter's pastern (below the ankle), probably strained ligaments.
Holding the hoof up in the air and grasping the hoof or pastern, the farrier tilts the hoof and looks at the bottom surface from heel to toe.
The four-year-old was found to have damaged his front left fetlock, pastern and tendons when slipping after the line in the Takarazuka Kinen, but will be able to take up stallion duties at his owner's Northern Farm next year.
ST NICHOLAS ABBEY is struggling to overcome a life-threatening hoof condition in his fight to recover from a fractured pastern, the Coolmore Stud reported yesterday.
ST Nicholas Abbey is recuperating in intensive care after undergoing complex surgery on a career-ending injury to a pastern.
ST NICHOLAS Abbey is due to undergo surgery on a fractured pastern this morning.
Which joint on the leg of a horse lies between the pastern and cannon bones?
The seven-year-old sustained a serious injury to his near pastern while warming up for a gallop.
IT HAS emerged that Vadawina, who finished fourth in last Sunday's Prix de Diane, fractured her near-hind pastern during the race and was due to be operated on yesterday.