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a workman who pastes

an adhesive label

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That's not terrible depending on color, pasters, web breaks and the skills of your crew.
For example, in Arab, Dowd, and Zucker's collection, Paster predominantly appears only in the footnotes, as befits a collection where the signification of 'affect' encompasses much more than simply 'humoral emotion'; whereas in Meek and Sullivan's collection, Paster remains--as is clear from the index entry above--by some margin the most cited critic, and yet in the majority of cases is cited in order to correct, contradict, or consign her work to a previous critical 'turn'.
During the operation, a person belonging to the rank of Area Committee Member, Paster has been arrested.
Vino wine blog, teamed up with greenhouse-gas expert Pablo Paster two years ago to publish a paper that calculated the carbon lifecycle of wine.
Airman First Class Torn Paster of the Air Force Reserve remembered attending a briefing about Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, but he wasn't thinking about mobilizing.
It's all a matter of what assumptions you use," says Pablo Paster, the vice president of green-house gas management innovations for ClimateCheck, whose data Davis used in his calculations.
Other speakers were Shura Council second deputy chairperson Alice Samaan, Shaikh Salah Al Jowder, Shaikh Nasser Al Asfoor, NEC Common Council chairman Paster Samuel Davidasan, the Very Rev Alan Hayday (St Christopher's Cathedral) and Father Thomas Quadros (Sacred Heart Church).
Paster adds that a cross-country train trip would generate about half the greenhouse gas emissions of driving a car.
Like Watson, Hilory Paster had all but given up in her quest to find shoes for her oldest son Samuel who, like Will, has cerebral palsy and wears leg braces.
Gerald Entine and Jack Paster will remain with the company.
Obama has repeatedly distanced himself from harsh remarks his former paster made over the years at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, including broadsides against US and Israeli "terrorism" and allegation that AIDS was spread by the US government.
and Nancy Paster of Westwood and the granddaughter of Winifred E.
Paster, a research assistant in the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, Brown University, Providence, R.