pasta sauce

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any of numerous sauces for spaghetti or other kinds of pasta

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Today, RAGU sauce is the go-to pasta sauce for families coming together to share a quick and delicious meal.
There are probably 400 different brands of pasta sauce," says David Neuman, president, Lucini Italia Co.
Blampied is confident, however, that consumers are buying into the category more frequently, which means suppliers aren't wholly reliant on promotions to shift pasta and pasta sauce products.
Its main products are ketchup, chili sauce, tomato puree, pasta sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Chinese sauce, apple sauce, tomato juice, vegetable juice, pineapple juice, apple Juice, concentrated apple juice, various other fruit juices, Oolong tea, pureed apple, apple paste, all kinds of jam, canned food, as well as fruit & vegetable powders.
It was one of three of Jamie's tomato-based pasta sauces listed among the worst offenders.
Bertolli Grilled Vegetable Pasta Sauce (500g) pounds 1.
My Dolmio Pasta pouches, 200g, and My Dolmio Pasta Sauce pouches, 150g, RRP pounds 1.
Pour the Discovery Pasta Sauce, white wine and black olives into the frying pan and bring to the boil.
And that's for a full cup of tomato sauce--double the serving that appears on pasta sauce labels.
The Sainsbury's products are: Italian Tomato and Mascarpone Stir-in Sauce (150g), Italian Sun-dried Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Stir-in Sauce (150g),Be Good to Yourself Mediterranean Vegetable Stir-inSauce (150g),and Italian Hot Mixed Peppers Pasta Sauce (500g).
Heinz Company has completed the acquisition of the pasta sauce and dry bouillon and soup businesses of Borden Foods Corporation.
Pasta sauce is a mature market, with four in five respondents reporting usage in their households.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Victoria Fine Foods (VFF), the #1 slow kettle-cooked pasta sauce manufacturer in the US, announced today that they have gained national distribution for their Victoria White Linen pasta sauce at Costco.
THE BEST - TASTING PASTA SAUCE DOESN'T COME IN A JAR, but rather in a box in the frozen food case.