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a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the past


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She covers oppositions between past tenses in French, relations between tenses in French and Polish, Stanislaw Karolak's semantic theory of aspect and its implication for translating Polish imperfective verbs into French, factual and actual meanings of Polish imperfect verbs and the problems with their translation into French, and detailed translation rules.
Literary suggestions characterize Roma's titles, which favor the imperfect and simple past tense, starting with the show's title, that of one of the paintings, Il sole mi costrinse ad abbandonare il giardino (The Sun Forced Me to Abandon the Garden), 2011.
It is expected that the participants would favor the regular formation of the past tense in an Old English verb when the irregular nature of the verb could not be inferred semantically because the sentence object appeared in Old English.
Find two pieces of text, one written in the present tense, the other written in the past tense.
Derek Howell, a well-known Cardiff man who passed away recently, in reply to someone who said that he had lived a "full life" when in his early 90s, said under his breath: "Don't you past tense me
It will certainly be interesting to see what the GOC does with the word optometry but by then it will be in the past tense.
The past tense distinguishes two degrees of distance: recent past and remote past.
CHRIS Hughton has not passed on to the big stadium in the sky, yet all your reporters refer to him in the past tense.
If you are presently at a job that is listed, use the present tense for the job descriptions; if you are no longer at that job, use the past tense for the job descriptions.
His story is written in the present tense, with a section in the past tense about his life from birth until his mother was hit by a car (implied rather than shown).
But all that could be past tense now as Joe's plan to fake his own death for the insurance money seems to have taken a tragic turn.
This was an incident that took place more than 11 years ago, and every reference to it should have been in the past tense.
In this article, I will discuss how past tense verb forms are used in the Mari languages to express modality, i.
I'm not condoning her actions in the slightest, but I do feel really sorry for her, and worry that one day soon, the headlines surrounding her will refer to her in the past tense.
Regarding "What Actually Works" (by Glen Stassen, June 2009): As I began reading this article, I noticed that it was all in the past tense.