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a perfective tense used to express action completed in the past

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Use the past perfect only for an action that was completed before the timeline of the other actions described in the simple past.
8221; - Susan Isaacs, author of Past Perfect, Any Place to Hang My Hat, and Compromising Positions
For example, a review of the past perfect accompanies the narrative essay; a comparison and contrast essay is accompanied by exercises on subordinators and transitions of comparison and contrast.
Following the success of the Past Perfect course, which ran at Woodhorn Museum near Ashington in the autumn, Dr Barbara Henderson will be back to run it again later this month.
Lennon said the commission is using state-of-the-art exhibition software, known as Past Perfect, to input objects and archive material so it is "searchable and accessible.
Shabtai died of a heart attack in 1981, at the age of 47, and the posthumously published Past Perfect was his second, and final, novel.
According to the logic of disegno, a painting was always complete and therefore only ever existed in the past perfect.
The past perfect is a combination of perfect aspectual marker -je with the past tense marker.
There are three verb tenses in the extract: the past perfect (We had been), the simple past (Tommy and I discussed), and the present (I am pretty sure).
For example, the 2003 play Past Perfect is a prequel of sort to Albertine in Five Times, depicting one evening in the life of Albertine in her twenties.
Similarly, in language learning, if learners are not familiar with the past simple tense, we are unlikely to introduce the past perfect tense.
Embora nao tenhamos desenvolvido ainda um tipo de anotacao especifico, uma vez que o corpus esta em processo de construcao, objetivamos identificar nos exemplos listados na analise piloto, alguns desvios nas estruturas verbais da lingua inglesa quanto ao past simple, past perfect e formas progressivas.
Phillipina has come in for good support recently - probably on the back of a ten-length drubbing of Strictly on the Limekilns round gallop - and the Sir Michael Stoutetrained filly, who will have no problems with the ground, could well improve past Perfect Truth.
The project has been developed by Google, in collaboration with the Rome Reborn Project and Past Perfect Productions.
This constraint is also a peculiarity of the present form of the perfect specifically, and does not apply to past perfect and future perfect sentences, which can have two readings, as exemplified by (1a)-(2b):