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Synonyms for passivity

submission to others or to outside influences


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The questionnaire consists of four components: assertiveness, aggression, acting and passivity, placed in four columns, each comprising twenty scores.
A Passivity Prior to Passive and Active: Merleau-Ponty's Re-Reading of the Freudian Unconscious and Looking at Lascaux, FIONA HUGHES
However, the passivity in terms of the infiltration of other Islamic teachings can cause greater problems in the society than the renovation of one mosque, Gjorgjevski concludes.
NNA - MP Mouin Merhebi called on "the President, the Commander in Chief of the army and care-taker Prime Minister to stop their passivity or their conspiracy against our regions, leaving them prey to Assado-Iranian regime that pound border areas daily.
The passivity of the leadership of the BDI branch is said to be the cause for the de-feat of 2002 as well, as party members say that someone has to take responsibility for the latest defeat, too.
This results in a reading that stands out for its passionate defense of human passivity and dependence.
4), who challenged our church's passivity and silence in the face of increasing militarism.
Faced with such a situation, observers in Arab states must be wondering if "we" will again miss an opportunity, or even worse, go beyond passivity and actually spoil things ourselves.
That is, he distinguishes that form of passivity and its externally imposed impotence, from the form that has arisen over recent decades in the study of the literary Sturm und Drang, which tends to involve self-castigation and melancholy.
Passivity and negotiation is not an option if you want to survive.
Regarding the materials used for prothesis was noticed passivity phenomenon (Rieu et al.
The cleric also criticized Muslim countries for their passivity over the siege.
to the dead what is death to them passivity is a force