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the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable

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On the other hand, the emerging perception of US passivism itself creates a relevant situation.
I believe that the root cause of judicial passivism of the Supreme Court is the lack of understanding of the power of judicial review among Justices who were initially appointed to the Supreme Court.
The system of political jurisprudence is preferred because it encourages judicial activism and creative dynamism in the justice delivery process, which is why it is more responsive to the needs of society than that of mechanical jurisprudence, which encourages judicial passivism and self-restraint.
Both the policy and the courts are comfortable; instead of choosing an active litigation, judicial activism, they choose passive justice, judicial passivism, position, stressing that this issue should be regulated by the legislature, politics, and politicians.
Whittington discusses one such type of "judicial passivism.
In July of 1920 after a meeting of the Northern Baptist Convention and during the publication of comment on it, proto-fundamentalist leaders complained about passivism and complacency within the denominational ranks.
Public passivism and short-term gains were the ruling 'isms' of the time.
It is said that the Supreme Court, in deference to the legislative power of the Diet, rarely exercises its right of judicial review -- a tendency that scholars call ''judicial passivism.
The first phase is theistic passivism wherein wildlife's abundance is attributed to some external force.
Such activism, however, is seen as a contrast to Emerson's own self-reliant passivism.
In a fragmented and fragmenting world, messianic nationalists are not only worried about losing the rising generation to the lures and temptations of secularism; they are equally worried about losing them to the alternative and still authoritative definition of religious praxis available: the passivism of the haredim, who withdraw from desiring control of the state, in favor of control of their small kollelim.
It will be my purpose in this essay to convince that this mistrust, and the passivism to which it characteristically leads, is not nearly enough, and that instead liberals ought actively, fully, candidly, and persistently loathe and oppose the proposal about the human condition and future of which in the final analysis, nationalism is a mere, if pernicious, purveyor.
They have basically followed the major trends Of Western international lawyers (another example Of [the] passivism Of Japanese international law) .
Other nineteenth century crusades - teatotalism, phrenology, passivism - have all failed or faded away.