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the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is the recipient (not the source) of the action denoted by the verb


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despite the passive voice, grammatical and structural logic often point
He claims that retreating to the passive voice impairs a person's ability to take action.
from this action through the use of passive voice, the investigator
I explained the basics of active/passive verbs, emphasized that passive voice often obscures the subject, and created a few example sentences, but I received mostly blank stares.
These include word choice, punctuation, frequency of the passive voice, ratio of upper ease letters to lowercase ones, paragraph length, and indentation.
Write in the present ( passive voice weakens your message, its best to avoid it.
Passive voice can create ambiguities and confusion about who does what, which is crucial in evaluating internal controls.
Short tutorials cover everything from passive voice to fonts, and include examples, instructions, and illustrations.
Syntactic-semantic structure of the sentence: in the active voice, the subject is usually the agent, but it is the patient in the passive voice.
You know you are in the realm of the pseudo-apology when you encounter frequent use of the passive voice combined with the active assigning of blame elsewhere, away from oneself.
Too weak a stance here, too passive voice there, "duty editorial" on this page.
Traditionally, this has been done through the use of impersonal, passive voice forms which eliminate the explicit presence of a storyteller.
The authors' addiction to the passive voice sometimes threatens to rob mill workers of the agency that they otherwise herald.
Most of us know that a verb is a "doing" word, but most of us don't know about active and passive verbs, or active and passive voice.
The most important shortcoming is the rather excessive use of passive voice.
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