passive resistance

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peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperate

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Through negotiation, passive resistance, and selective integration, Red Cloud worked to defend his people s interests in the face of change.
1914 INDIAN philosopher and nationalist leader Gandhi left South Africa after successfully leading campaigns of passive resistance.
A police panel found PC Peter Edwards displayed passive resistance and became verbally aggressive towards the officers from South Wales Police last December.
Removing his shoes, the top US diplomat visited Gandhi's simple home which became the focus of his movement of passive resistance.
Even according to official version, only a quarter of voters have turned out in Jammu & Kashmir in the five-week election, in a show of passive resistance to rule from New Delhi and concern over a likely victory by Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
With China intensifying its political and economic influence in Asia, with the tacit support of some nations and with passive resistance from others, US President Barack Obama's official visit to key Asian countries, which starts on Wednesday, will determine the index of his country's influence in the region.
Passive resistance raised the consciousness of men and women alike to women's agony at being looked down at.
of the passive resistance to the Israeli occupation.
They are also notable for Karales' high level of access to events that were not publicly seen (astonishing pictures of SNCC passive resistance training, for instance).
There are very serious reasons for pessimism that the passive resistance core at Gezi Park will not be convinced to evacuate the area since it may feel that the lack of a concrete solution is another path to being cheated.
Use of police brutality is even more objectionable in light of the passive resistance offered by the residents.
Ironically, Benziger writes, "the state's negative interpretation of the Revolution and its official acts of prohibition" actually "helped sustain the Revolution's memory in both acts of passive acceptance and passive resistance to the state's interpretation" (p.
Gandhi is admired for passive resistance to laws that he opposed and eventually he won over the masses.
The nationalists' theoretically passive resistance had made confrontations much more likely; Dyer's order to fire was 'a sudden reaction to the size and composition of the crowd' which numbered 25,000 (much larger than earlier estimates) while his troops numbered 50.