passive matrix display

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a type of LCD display used for some portable computers

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, one of the world's leading manufacturers of opto-semiconductors, will be exiting the production of passive matrix displays based on organic LEDs (OLEDs) at the end of the year.
Based on the potential impact of those advanced technologies when combined with Three-Five Systems' solid technology base in its rapidly growing core business of passive matrix displays, I recognized the exciting growth potential of Three-Five.
Three-Five Systems developed the LCaD(TM) technology in response to market demands for higher performance in a standard product, cost-effective passive matrix display.
Delta Opto has experience in the manufacture of monochrome passive matrix displays, and through its collaboration with CDT, now has a road map to move into full colour active matrix product segments.
Its low cost makes it a credible alternative to character modules, vacuum fluorescent displays, STN passive matrix displays, or more expensive, complex graphical LCD products.
The Far East market for passive matrix displays is estimated by Stanford Resources, Inc.
Its low cost makes it a credible alternative to vacuum fluorescent displays, STN passive matrix displays, or more expensive complex graphical LCD products.
LCaD(TM) displays have higher contrast ratio, wider viewing angle and lower power requirements than passive matrix displays controlled with conventional LCD drive techniques.
The Macintosh PowerBook 165c is equipped with a new passive matrix color display, which offers improved brightness and more uniform and vibrant colors than passive matrix displays offered by competitors.
These two products are designed to drive either active or passive matrix displays and both feature unique power management circuitry to reduce the power required by half, an important feature for battery powered applications.
OLED is a new emissive display technology that has found success in targeting the mobile phone sub-displays, car audio displays, MP3 players and other applications with passive matrix displays.