passing tone

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a nonharmonic note inserted for transition between harmonic notes

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Then at the end he turns it into a dissonant passing tone within the C minor seventh (second asterisk in Example 18).
the descending passing tone A[natural]-G-F in measures 9-10); (3) Designate as ornamental notes that are given less emphasis contextually and form recognizable ornament patterns such a s neighbor, passing tone, or consonant skip around the structural notes.
Foreign notes D[flat] and B[natural] in the bass of measure 40 help to form 4-21 and 4-27, diatonic subsets, and, as part of a descending chromatic scale, sound like passing tones.
This is a process of improvising or composing a new melody with twice the rhythmic density of the original (nibani) version through the insertion of passing tones, neighbor tones, or more elaborate variations that retain the same core tones and melodic drive as the original.
all other intervals) with d, all of which are conventional passing tones, anticipations, suspensions, and so on.
It begins with descriptions of possible ornamentation including grace notes, neighbor notes and passing tones and then suggests freer improvisation across major, minor and modal scales.