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used to refer to cited works


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(8) Donald Clemmer, The Prison Community passim (Donald Clemmer
(2) On the importance of virtus (goodness) in friendship, see Cicero, De amicitia 7.21, 14.51, 27.100-101, 27.104, and passim; on friendship between "good men" who resemble one another in virtue, character, and taste, see De amicitia 5.18, 14.50, 18.65, 20.74, and passim; Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics cite from the Loeb editions of De amicitia and the Nicomachean Ethics throughout this article.
Istanbul: Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi Yayinlari, passim.
Winners of their prestigious IMF music award for their commitment to American roots music by the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge Massachusetts, Adela & Jude travel across the country performing to enthusiastic audiences everywhere.
83 ss.; STACHELIN, Gregor, Strafgesetzgebung im Verfassungsstaat, Berlin, 1998, passim; APPEL, Ivo, Verfassung und Strafe.
The warm Bank Holiday weather (columns passim) only served to reinforce that we'd made the right decision.
THE Journal's fixation (March 18, and passim) with getting more cash from Westminster at a time when the country is in a depression is puzzling.
For two shows Sunday, super folk group End Construction will reunite for "A Show of Support for Stuart Ferguson" at the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge.