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The disease, which affects an estimated 400,000 men and women in the UK, causes patients to feel constant pain in their bladder and they may pass water up to 60 times a day.
Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, they cause the body to pass water, so mixing energy drinks with alcohol can leave drinkers badly dehydrated, possibly leading to vomiting, nausea, and other health problems in the long term," the Mirror quoted Andrew Misell, of Alcohol Concern, as saying.
In a statement to NINA today He said : "Iran cut off water from the river in full since the beginning of this summer, making Khanaqin population cut off the international road to prevent buses of Iranian pilgrims and oil tankers from passing, adding; " after that we received promises from the Iranian side to let pass water in the river but water not pass so far in spite the deadline which they fixed for today July the eighteenth without Iranian letting water pass into Wind river ".
MTC Magnetic Solutions (MMS) unit is an inline device designed to pass water through a magnetic field of high gauss strength.
We couldn't even pass water, we didn't clear our lines properly and our defence in the first 20 minutes was a shambles.
He said: "We were singled out for the after-match drugs test and after 90 minutes playing in searing heat it took a while to get enough fluid into my system to pass water.
I took him to Ireland for the Derby, but he had a virus and was all wrong and, on the journey back, couldn't pass water and his head ended up swelling to what seemed like twice its size.
Looking for somewhere to pass water while you're out walking on the Welsh mountains?
Always wash before and after sex and pass water as soon after sex as possible
With phrases such as 'Please pass water into this container' and 'Sorry, this might hurt', the aim is to let staff talk to patients until an interpreter is found.
I know he's not been unfaithful but I experience a burning sensation every time I pass water.
Of particular concern in choosing a treatment system was the requirement for simplicity of operation and dependability of the treatment process, said Eagle Pass Water Works Director, Robert Gonzalez.
urinate (YOOR-uh-nate): to pass water, sometimes called voiding or peeing
Some of these nozzles are fan-shaped, others are round, but almost all pass water through a rose (a perforated cap) to break water up.
If you pass water containing dissolved copper over iron or steel," he says, "you're going to accelerate markedly the rust corrosion process.