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"I hope this initiative by government of India will have a positive effect on everyone, including forces who are sponsoring terrorism and I am sure (Kedarnath) yatra will pass off peacefully.
The vast majority pass off without incident every year but a number of flashpoints continue to create negative headlines.
United are confident the tie at Old Trafford will pass off without incident, despite the bitter rivalry between the clubs and the potential for trouble.
FORMER Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy was accused of dishonesty yesterday for trying to pass off a party councillor as a local planning to vote for him.
A TEENAGER bit a bus driver when he took his bus pass off him, a court heard.
DA VINCI'S DEMONS (10pm Fox) IT'S ALL very well trying to pass off Swansea as Renaissance Florence, but that rain falling on Leonardo Da Vinci (Tom Riley) tonight looks very Welsh to me.
Basically no-one may pass off his/her goods as those of another.
ONGRATULATIONS and Cthanks are due today to the individuals and organisations who have stepped in to ensure Olympic events in the North East pass off safely.
Graham Catlett recently was reprimanded and fined $1,550 by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct for his role in a 2005 scheme to pass off conventional tomatoes as organic produce.
"There were nurses who attached saline drips on protesters so they could pass off as patients.
ONE in three dinner party hosts in Coventry cheat and pass off pre-cooked meals or ready-to-use sauces as their own handiwork, a survey shows.
The man was caught on CCTV trying to pass off the counterfeit note at Moss Pharmacy in Wombourne on May 9.
During the post-World War II era, when state-of-the-art medications like the polio vaccine and antibiotics held sway and food was less understood as the good medicine it is, society seemed more willing to pass off lousy hospital fare with a few jokes.