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Synonyms for muster

Synonyms for muster

to assemble, prepare, or put into operation, as for war or a similar emergency

to demand to appear, come, or assemble

muster in: to become a member of

muster out: to release from military duty

Synonyms for muster

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Is the soft-money ban likely to pass muster in the courts?
If there is any doubt, it is clear from this case that a purchase at fair market value at the time of execution should pass muster.
A project of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC), the pro-bird labeling program requires that coffee pass muster with an independent organic certifier, and that the farm where it's grown meet SMBC's stringent guidelines for the kind of shade tree management that supports bird populations.
It would pass muster with Porter's mid-Victorian engineers, except where (p.
In spite of the proximity of the master, not all of Maupassant's stories are good - in fact, some of them barely pass muster.
5-meter detectors spaced evenly along a boom longer than a football field-will enable astronomers to determine whether these orbs pass muster as terrestrial twins.
Then there's Bill's showy sax routine, which has just enough swing to pass muster but not enough to make you wonder.
But the companies they choose must pass muster with internal analysts plus two other portfolio managers.
But the broadened bill failed to pass muster when the vote to cut off debate was reached.
To return to the earlier question of cultural validation, this means that any historical revision designed to shore up minority self-esteem must pass muster in the wider community of opinion, else it will only undercut the credibility of those proposing it.
To pass muster under the due process clause, a retroactive tax provision must be supported by a legitimate legislative purpose furthered by rational means.
As for quality, the relatively small color photos in California Physician's travel section easily pass muster.
If it flies, take credit for it, if it fails to pass muster, at least it shows that there's a willingness on your part to present your company message in an honest, often provocative way that will throw a lot of stuffed shirts into a tizzy," Cotton said.
He said: "A case grounded on what can be inferred does not pass muster.
Hopefully Fir Park will pass muster for Hibs tomorrow to allow us our first home game in five weeks.