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Anything that contradicts the truth is a lie, but, of course, to call something a 'lie' is to pass judgment. To call adultery or murder a sin is likewise to pass judgment, but it is also to agree with God.
Town and city centres on Friday nights across South Wales may witness scenes that are not to everyone's taste and it is often easier to remain in the comfort of your own home to pass judgment.
The reference in the same statement on defending principles of human rights further demonstrates a self appointed role to pass judgment baselessly on a sovereign State.
We all stand under the judgment of God, and it is not for us to pass judgment on the piety or practices of sisters and brothers.
And the Cabinet Office indicated that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is ready to consider giving up his power to choose members and chairmen of the anti-sleaze bodies which pass judgment on ministers' ethical standards.
TIME TO PASS JUDGMENT (The Japan Times, an English-language daily)
Not that we're here to pass judgment on anyone's musical preferences, but it should be noted that the entertainment at Governor Lynch's inaugural ball earlier this month in Manchester was provide by none other than Gary Lewis and the Playboys, the '60s band formed by Jerry Lewis' oldest son the produced the Oldies radio staple, "This Diamond Ring."
China declined to pass judgment Tuesday on the death penalty handed down to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, saying it was a matter for the Iraqi people to decide.
Aquinas likewise insisted that in the event of a conflict between a statutory order and a fundamental principle of the natural law, a judge is bound by the divinely ordained law of nature to refuse to pass judgment on the unjust legislative order.
Regardless of her party affiliations, Cllr Rimmer's credentials as the successful and respected leader of a well-run borough make her well-qualified to pass judgment on the ongoing pantomime at Liverpool City Council.
Layard, Lord of Highgate, aims to tear down modern welfare economics and policy analysis, which do not presume to pass judgment on individual preferences and projects, and replace them with a data-driven Benthamism, according to which you get to do what you like as long as the collective likes what you do.
This may not be an easy or obvious call, according to my friend the political scientist Frances Fox Piven: "If this election is stolen, it will be stolen at the most local level, and we won't know right away." Maybe the OSCE can be relied on to pass judgment, or maybe the ACLU should be appointed to do the job, with MoveOn spreading the word.
Who is Scott McKee to pass judgment on people, based not on knowing them or talking with them, but only on seeing them sitting in a courtroom?
It is now for the country and the world to pass judgment on it and MAYBE take action upon it," It was clear that Lincoln had neither his heart nor his soul in its outcome and that it was done, as far as he was concerned, under MORAL DURESS AND THE PRESSURE OF EVENTS.
The Richard Commission Report is out and already the four main political parties in Wales have lined up to pass judgment. Martin Shipton assesses its findings on the present legislative deal for Wales and the advantages and disadvantages of extending powers:Former MP expresses reservations about 'alternative Labour The Commission's recommendation that all 80 members of a legislative Assembly should be elected by the system of STV (Single Transferable Vote) will be resisted by many in the Labour Party.