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Town and city centres on Friday nights across South Wales may witness scenes that are not to everyone's taste and it is often easier to remain in the comfort of your own home to pass judgment.
The reference in the same statement on defending principles of human rights further demonstrates a self appointed role to pass judgment baselessly on a sovereign State.
Clearly a large number of voters want to pass judgment on the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which took power in September 2006.
Regardless of her party affiliations, Cllr Rimmer's credentials as the successful and respected leader of a well-run borough make her well-qualified to pass judgment on the ongoing pantomime at Liverpool City Council.
Trying to get parliaments here and there to pass judgment on this, we think, is not correct and is a political move that pre-supposes the issue.
Maybe the OSCE can be relied on to pass judgment, or maybe the ACLU should be appointed to do the job, with MoveOn spreading the word.
Who is Scott McKee to pass judgment on people, based not on knowing them or talking with them, but only on seeing them sitting in a courtroom?
It is now for the country and the world to pass judgment on it and MAYBE take action upon it," It was clear that Lincoln had neither his heart nor his soul in its outcome and that it was done, as far as he was concerned, under MORAL DURESS AND THE PRESSURE OF EVENTS.
These beliefs are not set forth in order to pass judgment on the behaviors of others, but instead to encourage the practice of abstinence as she has found it to be successful for her in her life.
It is not what I prefer, but Day seems to pass judgment on all worshiping communities with a pervasive negative tone.
But last night, First Minister Jack McConnell said: "Until the SNP come clean on what the terms of any referendum would be, it is impossible to pass judgment on its legality.
But the very structure of the Commission's review process, in which those that attempt to construct a case against the merger based in part on those complaints then also pass judgment on the merger, would seem to make objectivity difficult and to give competitors who dislike a deal the upper hand.
The biographer's "split consciousness" manifests itself most clearly whenever Diedrich suddenly steps out of her own narrative and begins to pass judgment on her characters.
They support the "citizens' juries" some nonprofits create by convening a panel of average citizens to hear testimony from experts and pass judgment on public policy issues.
Also serving on the board is Charles Rice, a University of Notre Dame law professor who once recommended that the pope be made a "supralegal arbiter" to pass judgment on the validity of U.