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Synonyms for judge

Synonyms for judge

to arrive at (a conclusion) from evidence or reasoning

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

to make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law

to have an opinion

a person who evaluates and reports on the worth of something

a public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice

a person, usually appointed, who decides the issues or results, or supervises the conduct, of a competition or conflict

Synonyms for judge

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And it is imperative that we all pass judgement on May 5.
Recruiting a former Labour councillor to pass judgement on their own Labour-led administration is bound to cause controversy.
With Trevor gone, Roger will be looking for new targets to ridicule, criticise, pass judgement on and eventually use the power of his column to sack.
The concise recommendation emphasises that the Convention has honoured the mandate entrusted to it by the Council but also recalls once more that the Parliament will again pass judgement on the legal nature of the Charter in the Resolution in anticipation of the Nice European Council which its is expected to adopt at its November session in Brussels.
It is for voters to pass judgement on their policies at the ballot box.
The only jury fit to try and pass judgement on Citizen Ken is the electorate.
The three judges, before which the case was pending, authorised one of their own to hear and pass judgement.
JOHN Miller must feel very confident about his own looks to think he has the right to pass judgement on the size of some of the girls he's spotted around the city ("Holiday Whales", ECHO Letters, May 31).
Of course, only sanctimonious dieters, eating and exercising wisely at all times, are allowed to pass judgement.