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(American football) a successful forward pass in football

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Those who question his distribution would do well to note his pass completion stats.
Analysis by West Bromwich Albion's head of sports science Chris Barnes and academics at Sunderland University has shown substantial improvement in pass completion, number of explosive runs and sprinting speed.
4 1 100 2 19 7 1 Goals Attempts on target Attempts off target Blocked shots Total passes Accurate passes Pass completion % Accurate forward passes Forward pass completion % Total tackles Tackles success % Clearances Lost balls Recoveries
The Bluebirds boss revealed that at one stage during long negotiations it seemed Cardiff would miss out on their prize target - and he spoke of the pleasure in watching a player whose pass completion rate hit 99 per cent during the win at Fulham.
If you look at a defender like Ashley Williams at Swansea he will have a high pass completion rate because most of the passes will be to his goalkeeper or full backs.
BetVictor offer evens that Pirlo's pass completion rate is 89 per cent or higher in the final.
They have also attempted the fewest amount of short passes (4,999) in the top flight while the overall pass completion rate is just 63 per cent at the moment - the poorest rate in the Premiership.
These steps will lead to a higher pass completion percentage and a more productive passing game.
Safe trip back home for u all @AronGunnarsson1 | Gary Medel had a pass completion rate of 99% today @CardiffCityCCFC | What a win that was.
He only started 17 games but scored six goals and had the side's third-highest pass completion rate.
Despite the dip in his statistics after October, the only players to out-pass Allen across the season as a whole were Mikel Arteta and Moussa Dembele, while his Open Play Pass Completion (90%), Attacking Zone Pass Completion (85%) and Final Third Pass Completion (81%) were all well above the Premier League average (86.
4 Goal Assists 6 3 Key Passes 34 54 Total Passes 601 724 Pass Completion 81% 76% Dribbles & Runs 23 190 Dribble Completion 74% 34% Fouls 15 31 Fouls won 32 35 Offside 16 19 Yellow Cards 4 7
His debut stats showed a pass completion rate of 96 per cent - 50 of his 52 passes reached their target.
Don't watch any highlights of Barcelona, don't read any match reports and for God's sake don't start looking into their midfielders' pass completion statistics.
4 Goal Assists 1 Key Passes 12 Total Passes 524 Pass Completion 64% Pass Completion in final third 47% Duels 310 Duels won 44% Total Crosses 10 Cross Completion 10% Dribbles & Runs 14 Dribble Completion % 50% Fouls 21 Fouls won 35 Offside 14 Yellow Cards 3 Red Cards 0