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make a passage or journey from one place to another

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The storm had winds of 145 mph (230 kph) as it moved northwest and the center was expected to pass across or very close to the southwestern tip of Haiti late Monday before reaching Cuba, according to the U.
On Monday, Mercury - the innermost planet of our solar system - will pass across the face of the Sun from the point of view of Earthlings.
TRANSIT Mercury will pass across the face of the Sun this month
9 Aldebaran is the brightest star that the Moon can ever pass across.
Town took the lead 13 minutes into the second half when Jess dribbled into the box and flashed a pass across the six yard box which Ellie C gleefully stabbed home for her first of the season.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Stacking Of Stone Metal 40 Mm, Stone Chips 20 Mm, Coarse Sand And First Class Bricks For Permanent Works On Approach Roads And Service Roads At Over Pass Across Nh-64 At Km 201.
I FIND Edwina Hart's suggestion that the M4 relief road route should pass across what is a Site of Special Scientific Interest wrong in every sense (Echo, July 18).
Ryan Spooner and Eriksson went down the ice together and Spooner sent a pass across to Eriksson, who moved the puck with his skate onto his stick to set up his first goal of the preseason.
Finding planets in the habitable zones of sun-sized stars will be harder than detecting the Kepler-62 planets because such worlds have longer orbits and cast smaller shadows as they pass across the faces of their suns.
12 Cuellar's awful pass across goal presents Lee with an easy opportunity.
A remarkable event will be observed in the skies above Bulgaria early morning on Wednesday June 6, when Venus will pass across the face of the sun a a phenomenon known as a transit.
Cihan Akpinar, smashed man was trying to pass across the road while smashed by truck.
Summary: DUBAI u Squalls of driving rain continued to pass across the UAE on Tuesday, affecting life and movement in many emirates, in unsettled weather not likely to ease upC before Thursday.
The AutoTrac[TM] RowSense[TM] Universal improves efficiency in down corn conditions and on curved rows, reduces operator fatigue, and reduces crop loss with increased accuracy and efficiency on every pass across the field.
Tamiflu is not suitable for pregnant women because it can easily pass across the placenta to the developing foetus.