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tall tufted perennial tropical American grass naturalized as pasture and forage grass in southern United States

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Similar results were found for paspalum and white popinac, although the effects were not all significant.
Jacobs, Paspalum notatum Alain ex Flugge, Cynodon nlemfuensis Vanderyst, Mimosa pudica L, Calopogonium mucunoides Desv y Centrosema pubescens Benth, seguido de Sporobolus indicus (L.) R.
Apomixis is the predominant reproduction method in polyploid species of the genus Paspalum. However, it hinders genetic recombination as well impairs cultivar protection because of legal regulations (PEREIRA et al., 2012).
Anas platyrhynchos 'diet is essentially constituted of plants, is dominated by grasses with 93%.Among these grasses, 3 species are more palatable Hordeum murinum (35,65%) and Paspalum distichum (25, 02%) on February.
Arundinella 1 spp., Gynerium 1 spp., Cenchrus 9 spp., Digitaria 3 spp., Echinolaena 1 spp., Eriochloa 1 spp., Lasiacis 2 spp., Melinis 2 spp., Oplismenus 1 spp., Panicum 1 spp., Setaria 5 spp., Axonopus 2 spp., Paspalum 16 spp.
Paspalum intermedium Munro ex Morong & Britton--E.
Scientists are only beginning to understand the genetic basis of salt tolerance, especially in species that are already somewhat salt-tolerant such as seashore paspalum.
(2003), evaluating the sequential application of growth inhibitors in Paspalum vaginatum, observed that trinexapac-ethyl used at the doses of 90 and 380 g a.i.
Here the narrator tells how she learnt a plant name, Paspalum urvillei, from an old man who had moved to Japan just as the plant "came fifty years ago to the riverbanks of Japan":
Un pastizal tipico del centro de la provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina) es el pajonal de paja colorada (Paspalum quadrifarium) cuya distribucion esta caracterizada por presentarse en un amplio rango de topografias (Lara y Gandini, 2013), en donde forma diferentes unidades de vegetacion (Perelman et al., 2003, 2005).
Set within a stunning natural environment, with flowing dunes and an in-land mangrove area, the highly desirable location will provide golfers with a unique golf experience with water levels shifting with the tides throughout the day, and completed with pristine course conditioning of the paspalum grass.
Paspalum distichum L.###Fan-shaped, middle cell larger###Radial###Inconspicuous###Girders absent