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a boil or abscess on the gums

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Differential diagnosis of PG includes parulis, congenital epulis, peripheral giant cell granuloma, hemangioma, peripheral fibroma, pregnancy tumor, post extraction granuloma, hemangiopericytoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, Epstein pearls, Bohn nodules.
Realizar un diagnostico oportuno se dificulta ya que clinicamente existen lesiones gingivales en ninos que pueden confundirse con el GPCG, estas lesiones son: el granuloma piogeno, parulis y el fibroma periferico osificante (13).
Front from left) Andrew Lynam, Thomas Parulis, Hannah Aston, Ieva Hughes, Grace Gordon and tutor Abdellatif Erraoui.
have pointed out, features that are helpful in differentiating the RCP from the irritation fibroma and parulis are its normal color, lack of infectious source, and bilateral distribution.