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a legislator appointed by the party to enforce discipline


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But Government Chief Whip John Curran had warned party rules were clear and that abstaining from votes or voting against the Government position would mean the automatic loss of the party whip.
Labour Deputy Tommy Broughan has also had his Party Whip removed after he didn't turn up for the vote.
Mr Corbyn in June sacked three shadow ministers who were among the 50 MPs who defied the party whip to back a motion calling for Britain to remain in the single market.
LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has given a vote of confidence to Coventry North East MP Colleen Fletcher by making her a party whip.
PM Theresa May removed the party whip from Newton Abbot MP Anne Marie Morris after she was recorded making the racist remark to fellow Eurosceptics at the exclusive East India Club in St James's Square, central London.
Therefore if you voted for leave, how can you vote for a party that wants to remain in the EU and your MP supports the party whip? Is this to justify their own political position?
IT WAS an anti- climax of sorts for Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh and bollywood- actor- turned politician Jaya Prada when the Supreme Court on Wednesday, after six long years of hearing, refused to answer their queries on anti- defection law, primarily if an expelled MP/ MLA could be disqualified if he or she defied party whip.
I would like to tip my cloth socialist cap to those 48 Labour MPs who defied the party whip and opposed the welfare bill at its second reading.
A secret party room ballot to declare the positions of party leader and deputy leader vacant was voted down 61 votes to 39, chief party whip Philip Ruddock told reporters.
UKIP councillors are not controlled by a party whip system so are totally free to put the interests of local people first.
Summary: Nadine Dorries has said she will learn next week whether she is to be restored to the Conservative Party whip.
The principal opposition Bharatiya Janata Party was hit hardest with eight of its MPs defying the party whip.
Tory MP Bob Spink said yesterday he had resigned the Conservative Party whip following a long-running row with his local association.
In future, candidates for Sheriff ( who must have eight years' council experience ( will be nominated free from the party whip on the basis that the winner will normally become Lord Mayor the following year.
'Our view is that we need AMs elected who put their constituency interests before the party whip. It seems to me that the over-exertion of party influence on the Assembly has been the cause of problems at Cardiff Bay.