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a wall erected on the line between two properties and shared by both owners

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If you are planning to detach two houses presently joined by a party wall, make sure that the resulting bare wall will be repaired.
That said, however, my understanding is that you basically own half the thickness of any party wall - so as far as minor, everyday things are concerned, like drilling into it to install fixings for kitchen cabinets or shelves, or even cutting into it to install electrical wiring and sockets, you are basically free to do what you like.
The purpose of the Act is to minimise or avoid disputes between neighbours over building work affecting party walls by setting out how it should be done.
We tested several party walls. As well as for my own peace, it's important for my neighbours that I find a sound-proof home, as my teenagers have recently invested in electric guitars.
A client calls on a Friday afternoon with the following query: "Can we tear down the party wall between our building and the adjoining building to our east?" By way of background, the client bought a four-story building in Midtown Manhattan nine months earlier for more than $25 million with the intent of demolishing the building and erecting a 15-story mixed use building with retail on the ground level and a private hotel above.
However, party walls between semi-detached or terraced houses are worth insulating.
In an ordinary project, flimsy party walls could lead to privacy invasion and noise pollution between owner and renter.
the contractor is to grub out and remove existing foundations, reduce levels, grade the site / make up levels, provide temporary bracing and waterproofing to party walls as required.
So what exactly is a party wall? Some party walls stand astride the boundary of land belonging to two or more different owners; others separate two or more buildings; others may not be part of a building - party fence walls - but stand astride the boundary line of different owners and separate them, like a garden wall.
An extension built inside their boundary will not come under the legislation relating to party walls, and access is negotiable.
Byline: with MARTIN ROBERTS Partying on Martin Roberts continues his look at party walls
Key among these are planning constraints, particularly in conservation areas, issues around party walls and boundaries, access to light, health and safety and noise.
It is also a wise precaution, when working on party walls, to seek the advice of a specialist party wall surveyor.
As a result, issues involving party walls, nuisance and inconvenience to neighbours and the loss of light and enjoyment will no doubt increase.