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Ayoko naman maging party pooper kasi everybody's celebrating, may euphoric mood ngayon at may initiatives also to unite the country under the newly-elected president so it's up to you, media kung ipu-pursue nyo, the senator added.
He added one young customer referred to her as a "party pooper" in an email.
"Hey party pooper, I thought you were going home?" my friend walked by and smirked.
If you come out in Biloxi, you're a party pooper. Lots of us who want to live openly pull up stakes and go, but not without regret: You can leave the party, but you still hear the music.
Well, excuse me for being such a party pooper, but talk is cheap and whatever happened to good old penance?
BURNLEY keeper Nick Pope aims to be a party pooper at Arsene Wenger's home league farewell - but with the greatest of respect.
Because he was a party pooper Eloise Chapman, Woodgate Ha, ha!
The runners up were A PARTY POOPER from S T Vaughan of Yardley Wood and ICE DREAM from Mrs M Styles of Great Barr.
FORMER party animal Robbie Williams turned into the world's biggest party pooper - spending just 30 minutes at his own 28th birthday bash.
LIKE Party Pooper (ECHO November 30) I have also had difficulty in obtaining black jeans, trousers or even shirts for my grandson.
But it looked like Sevilla would be a party pooper when they romped into a 2-0 lead thanks to Xabi Alonso's own goal and an Ivica Dragutinovic free-kick.
Conclusion There must be something capable of assuming the role of party pooper on the prevailing soft ground.
FURTHER to the letter on May 29 from Party Pooper, I am so glad someone feels the same as I do regarding fireworks.