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Synonyms for party



be a party to something


  • get involved in
  • be associated with
  • be a participant in
  • concern yourself with or in

Synonyms for party

a large or important social gathering

a group of people acting together in a shared activity

a group of individuals united in a common cause

one who participates

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

Synonyms for party

an organization to gain political power

have or participate in a party

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But at this moment the party of the Disinherited Knight had the worst; the gigantic arm of Front-de-B uf on the one flank, and the ponderous strength of Athelstane on the other, bearing down and dispersing those immediately exposed to them.
In short, he had hitherto acted the part rather of a spectator than of a party in the tournament, a circumstance which procured him among the spectators the name of Le Noir Faineant, or the Black Sluggard.
At once this knight seemed to throw aside his apathy, when he discovered the leader of his party so hard bestead; for, setting spurs to his horse, which was quite fresh, he came to his assistance like a thunderbolt, exclaiming, in a voice like a trumpet-call, ``Desdichado, to the rescue!'' It was high time; for, while the Disinherited Knight was pressing upon the Templar, Front-de-B uf had got nigh to him with his uplifted sword; but ere the blow could descend, the Sable Knight dealt a stroke on his head, which, glancing from the polished helmet, lighted with violence scarcely abated on the chamfron of the steed, and Front-de-B uf rolled on the ground, both horse and man equally stunned by the fury of the blow.
It was pointed out to the Prince, in impeachment of this decree, that the victory had been in fact won by the Disinherited Knight, who, in the course of the day, had overcome six champions with his own hand, and who had finally unhorsed and struck down the leader of the opposite party. But Prince John adhered to his own opinion, on the ground that the Disinherited Knight and his party had lost the day, but for the powerful assistance of the Knight of the Black Armour, to whom, therefore, he persisted in awarding the prize.
Then, as the afternoon shadows were waning, the party again took to the canoes and paddled on up the river.
New York Blacks had experience in politics mostly through the Republican Party. But by 1930 the Republican Party had begun to abandon them even though a few indigenous Black people held positions in city and state governments.
In selecting third parties, companies should confirm that the third party will adhere to FCPA anti-corruption principles.
Despite the noise and raucous behavior, these developments remind us once again that the best of social programs we now enjoy were passed by minority governments that had to depend on a smaller party to stay in power.
After eleven years, Aviall sold the properties to a third party. However, Aviall retained liability for approximately $5 million in cleanup costs.
Further, the parties develop a rapport with attorneys and other team members, taking away the mistrust and fundamental differences each party brings to the divorce process that can cause mediation to fail or create prolonged litigation.
Challenging Taft for the Republican nomination in 1912, Roosevelt went on to win most of his party's primaries, but Taft was nominated in Chicago at a convention controlled by conservatives.
According to the YSK, the candidate for the head of the Istanbul municipality from the opposition Republican People's Party Ekrem Imamoglu received 4.169 million votes, while the candidate from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Binali Yildirim received 4.156 million votes.
There are two Independent candidates, plus one from the British Democrats and one from the Freedom Party.